Microsoft Windows* 8.x

Data Type of Numeric Expressions

If every operand in a numeric expression is of the same data type, the result is also of that type.

If operands of different data types are combined in an expression, the evaluation of that expression and the data type of the resulting value depend on the ranking associated with each data type. The following table shows the ranking assigned to each data type:

Defined Operations

When operators are defined for functions, the functions can then be referenced as defined operations.

The operators are defined by using a generic interface block specifying OPERATOR, followed by the defined operator (in parentheses).

A defined operation is not an intrinsic operation. However, you can use a defined operation to extend the meaning of an intrinsic operator.

Initialization Expressions

An initialization expression is an expression that you can use as a kind type parameter, a named constant, or to specify an initial value for an entity. It is evaluated when a program is compiled.

In an initialization expression, each operation is intrinsic and each primary is one of the following:

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