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Using OpenCL™ 2.0 Read-Write Images


We want to thank Javier Martinez, Kevin Patel, and Tejas Budukh for their help in reviewing this article and the associated sample.


Prior to OpenCL™ 2.0, there was no ability to read and write to an image within the same kernel. Images could always be declared as a “CL_MEM_READ_WRITE”, but once the image was passed to the kernel, it had to be either “__read_only” or “__write_only”.

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  • compile with #ifdef

    Dear all,

    I would like to create a program with #ifdef and #endif compilation options  but I do not know how could i compile even tis simple hello program:


    #ifdef PARALLEL
      WRITE(*,*) 'OPTION A'
     WRITE(*,*) 'OPTION A+B'

    When I compile, I get this error:

    gdb issue when compiling with '-check bounds'

    I am still involved with a legacy program that has many very old components (30 - 40 years old).  We have recently migrated from g77 to Intel Fortran, and things are going well.  Recently, the original author summarized a test that he ran, and mentioned that g77 and ifort behave differently when "array overruns" occur, i.e., an out-of-bounds array index is referenced.  So I suggested we try catching array overruns when they occur, i.e., not wait for memory corruption, and use '-check bounds' when we run tests.


    Intel® XDK FAQs - Cordova

    Q1: How do I set app orientation?

    If you are using Cordova* 3.X build options (Crosswalk* for Android*, Android*, iOS*, etc.), you can set the orientation under the Projects panel > Select your project > Cordova* 3.X Hybrid Mobile App Settings - Build Settings. Under the Build Settings, you can set the Orientation for your desired mobile platform.  

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  • Error in the open statement

            do m = 0,15,1
                    write(fn,*) m,'.txt'
                    print *,fn
                    print *,'opened file ',fn
                    do k = 1,6
                            print *,array(k,m,:)


    I have the above code to read in an array from multiple files. It successfully reads from the first file but after that it shows error. I am posting the output.

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