Remote procedure call, license of code call to scif library

We have developed a low latency, remote procedure call (rpc) Framework  for Xeon <--> Xeon Phi based on SCIF, which is very successful for our applications.  We think it could be helpful for other Intel Xeon Phi  users.  We would like to share the code to communities as open-source project. However we does not know if  there are any problem with Intel's license, copyright or copyright infringement, which we believe do not. Would you please help us? Thanks, Minh

SGX - Self-modifying Code

Is self-modifying code allowed in SGX enclaves?  I created a simple example that just calls a function stored in a data buffer.  I changed the properties for the enclave DLL so that data is also executable.  It worked when I compiled the project in simulation mode, but it crashes in hardware mode.

offload error: cannot offload to MIC - device is not available

I am a newer in MIC.

I install and config Phi follow this link "".It seems that everything is OK.But when I run program,I get this information "offload error: cannot offload to MIC - device is not available".I source intel64 before running program.My compiler version is "Intel(R) C Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20151021".

I input "micctrl -s",then I get follow output:   

offload error: dlopen() failed


When I try to run my offload code application, I got this error:

On the remote process, dlopen() failed. The error message sent back from the sink is /tmp/coi_procs/1/3640/load_lib/icpcoutmdD0mj: undefined symbol: _ZSt3maxIiERKT_S2_S2_
On the sink, dlopen() returned NULL. The result of dlerror() is "/tmp/coi_procs/1/3640/load_lib/icpcoutmdD0mj: undefined symbol: _ZSt3maxIiERKT_S2_S2_"
offload error: cannot load library to the device 0 (error code 20)

My compiler version is :

openmp code : less processor than the available

Dear All,

I am running my Fortran 90 code in super-computing facility of our university. The max. available processor is 21, however my code is only uses 5 of them. I am using export_OMP_NUM_THREADS=20 however I dont define the stacksize after the compilation. 

Would you please let me know what should I investigate to understand the problem? The below information shows that the max. number of available threads are 21 and my code only used 5 of them.




I am going to run a CFD simulation that the memory usage will be over 100 GB.
I use mkl PARDISO in order to solve the linear system that arises.

Very recently I informed about Intel Phi coprocessor and their capabilities that has.
In order to accelerate the solving, I was wondering if PARDISO incorporates Intel Phi technology internally in order
not to modify my code.

Thank you in advance.

PIN Failure to initialize DLL file python27.dll


I have a PIN tool that uses Python. the problem I'm having is that there is an error when PIN try to load it.

I have read something regarding PIN not loading external libraries anymore. Is that correct? Will I need to use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress to have it working? Is there any way to avoid it? (There are tons of functions used so It will be very painful)

I'm using the latest VC12 verision:

PIN unresolved external symbol xed_operand_values_set_rep




I'm including:

  • xed.lib
  • pin.lib
  • pinvm.lib
  • ntdll-64.lib


but I'm still getting this error: 

Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol xed_operand_values_set_rep referenced in function "void __cdecl LEVEL_CORE::INS_AddRep(class LEVEL_CORE::INDEX<6>)" (?INS_AddRep@LEVEL_CORE@@YAXV?$INDEX@$05@1@@Z) C:\pin-2.14-71313-msvc12-windows\source\tools\Tool\build\pin.lib(ins_api_xed_ia32.obj) pintool


Why is the symbol xed_operand_values_set_rep not exported?


intel xe composer compiler with AVX code

Are there any cases the intel compiler gives worst performance than other compilers especially visualstudio compiler v120. When I compiled a sample of matrix multiplication with intel xe composer 2013 sp1 compiler using inline assembly avx code with visual c 2013 ultimate  the performance of intel compiler is bad than the visual studio compiler 120. Can anyone help me what is the reasons to that?

my machine is intel core i5

Thank you

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