Compiler bug - stream formatted nonadvancing read makes up 0x2000 character

Hello I'd like to report a possible bug in Intel Fortran compiler, I was using: Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE for applications running on IA-32, Version Build 20140130 but the same problem exhibits on Win64 and Linux. It seems that when a file is opened in stream formatted mode and read using non-advancing read, it makes up character at position 8192 (and multiples). Example program is attached, the output is bellow.

Dialog Box

Since I installed the last update for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE(Visual Studio 2010), I can not create a dialog box as I used to create using Compaq Visual Fortran.

Please, can someone help me in this way?


Carlos A Santos.

Floating point calculation issue

Hi there,


Some time ago I converted a large numerical codebase over to the Intel Visual Fortran compiler. So far we have been unable to make the switch to IVF as we are seeing an unacceptably large discrepancy between the new simulation results and those produced by our old compiler.  After some work I have managed to identify the source of problem - the deviation seems to be seeded by an error in the last digit of a floating point calculation in the IVF build:

x = 1.0000000/8.5404000

the correct answer is:

x = 0.11709053

the IVF answer is:

how to enable work-stealing

Dear all,

I want to enable work-stealing in intel OpenMP and thus set the variable KMP_TASKING=1. However, all OpenMP based programs have segmentation fault (core dumped) at the start of the parallel region.

Please, could somebody give me some guidelines in order to enable the work-stealing feature in intel OpenMP? I use the latest icc and ifort to compile the C and fortran programs, respectively.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best Regards,

Yaqiong Peng

Abstract Type/Array of Pointer/Types Strange Non-Reporting Error, Compiles but doesn't work

Dear All,

Hello!  A few days ago I downloaded the latest ifort compiler. I've noticed a strange code behavior since the code compiles and runs but it doesn't report any error. After a bit of research I've reduced the code to the (probably) minimum line code that contains the problem(see attachment). I didn't have enough time to reduce the code further, so I'm sorry if it contains more than required.

A short description. I define four types:

How to get window handle of main dialog box

I am writing QuickWin console application and cannot figure out how to get the window handle of my main (modeless) dialog box (which I call IDD_DIALOG1).  I know how the get the handle for dialog controls (e.g. hWnd=GetWindowItem(dlg%hWnd,IDC_CONTROL)), but not for the main window.

Program triggering a breakpoint when exiting a function that convert 2-d char array from C to Fortran

I have a Fortran program that talks to a dll that is written in C++. The Fortran program is crashing on Windows only when it comes out of the function given below. It works fine in Linux and Mac OS.


    function GetResultNamesFortran (dmy_strResultArray) result (intSuccess)
       character (len=*), dimension (:), allocatable, intent (inout) :: dmy_strResultArray
       integer (kind=4) :: intSuccess
    end function GetResultNamesFortran
  end interface


how can I debug the main code with an input file

I am new for Intel Visual Fortran Compiler. I have a Fortran code which include a main code and a input code, the main code can compile to a .exe file and then read the input file to get necessary input number. my question is how can I debug the main code with the input file so that I can see the parameters change.

Fortran abonnieren