Difference in allocating array in subroutine make a code works or breaks


I am running a mpi CFD code in my sch's cluster using 100 cpu.

Due to my program's structure, this is the max cpu I can use. At the same time, due to the number of grids using in my code, I am reaching the available memory limit.

The code ran and hang at a spot. After debugging, I found that it hangs in one of the subroutines. In this subroutines, I have to update the values of different variables across all cpu using mpi.

There are some local array which I need to create. If I declare them using:

subroutine mpi_var_...

Unable to see variable value during debug in VS 2012 with Intel 2015


I tried to access a variable and check its value during debug in VS 2012 with Intel 2015 update 1

However, it is not possible, stating "undefined variable xxx" but some other variables can be seen. So some works, some not.

However, the same variable can be accessed by the same code in VS 2008 with Intel 2013 in another colleague's computer.

May I know why? Is there some options I can change?




                istat=-99 ! initialise  istat as it might not be assigned and then gives an uninitalised var failure.
                CALL EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE("fred.exe",WAIT=.true.,EXITSTAT=istat)

And from the help>>>


(Inout; optional) Must be a scalar of type integer. If the command is executed synchronously, exitstat is assigned the value of the processor-dependent exit status of the executed command. Otherwise, the value of exitstat is unchanged.


rc.exe error

I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 and Intel Parellel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows ( downloaded file w_fcompex_all_jp_2013_sp1.4.237.exe ).   In attempting to build a solution from a .vfproj which has been successfully by others in our group, I get "rc.exe not found".  Where should "rc.exe" be?  I tried re-installing Intel Fortran and it did not work.  Does "rc.exe" come from Visual Studio?  Also, others in our group who can successfully build the .vfproj do not even have a "rc.exe" on their hard drive.  Thanks

VAX parallel directives

I found a few places in my legacy code where the obsolete VAX "parallel directive" feature exists, e.g.:


Inasmuch as this is in a FORTRAN 77 fixed-format file, can I assume that this is simply ignored by Intel Fortran as if it is a comment?


libifcoremd vs libifcorert

Hi Guys,

I am compiling a fortran library with a C++ DLL. I am using the Multi-threaded DLL option in my fortran project. My C++ part is also Multi-threaded. My problem is that if I look at the dependency of the resulting DLL, I see a dependency to LIBIFCORERT instead of LIBIFCOREMD or I see both fortran runtime libs as dependency...

What am-I missing ?

Thank you




I have traditionally done my solution builds at the command line using devenv.exe.  However this doesn't use all my cores.  I did a search online and saw that msbuild does just this and with /m:8 uses all of my 8 cores.  However it only builds the (C++) vcxproj projects in my solution not the vfproj ones.  Are Fortran projects not supported under msbuild?  If not how can I use all my 8 cores at the command line?  I can do this using the Visual Studio environment, so presumably I can at the command line.

Further information about different barrier algorithms


I'm researching on barrier algorithms using SIMD instructions and I'm trying to deeply understand the different versions included in the RTL.

I've noticed that there is a new barrier algorithm (hierarchical) since the last time I had a look.

Where could I find a further description of them? Could someone from Intel provides me with further information?


Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

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