Back Button

I have this html line, but when I clicked on back button nothing happens

<a href="javascript:" data-rel="back" data-transition="flip"><i class="fa fa-chevron-left"></i></a>

I appreciate any comments ASAP, thanks in advance.

Adsense and cookies?

Hi all, 
I've just received an email from Google regarding AdSense and Cookies.

i have apps on appstore that uses admob, must i put some notification in the app that it uses cookies?

can somone explain this for me?

i think the best bet would be to make a popup with a yes or no, and if someone chooses no, the the app closes?

any ideas? 

Google Ads Policy Team 
Dear Publisher, 

preprocessor #ifdef?


I want to remove all  my debug code and comments before launching. Maybe also sort versions and different platforms.  Is there a preprocessor #ifdef function implemented in xdk or JS, Html, Less? Or is there another way I can do this?

Any experiences? 



Hi, I was wonder why lately I haven't been able to access the Intel XDK app center. Is it down permanently or is there an alternative app center been released. If its down permanently, then how can I remove certain apps from the server?

Weird, starting the app, any button needs 3 clicks to begin...


I have developed a news-feed app. The app decodes rss info and makes use of media twitter accounts (not logged, making use of inappbrowser) to feed the user with news. It also makes use of geolocation to show google traffic maps, radio and tv stations live by ip are also present. I have also installed admob plugin (, no issues. For UI i'm using Bootstrap. And finally, besides index.html, i coded several html pages for rss news summary, all of them to be accessed using inappbrowser .

[EMULATOR] Missing notification.prompt


When using the emulator tab, it seems that calling navigator.notification.prompt failed with the following message "Missing API Emulation Notification.prompt" (CF attached screenshot)

By the way, a popup tries to help with the missing feature, but the success button does not triggers the success callback!



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