listview not scroll

hello I have this problem (listview not scroll), and I can not solve it (i use "App Framework").

Despite using "overflow-x: hidden" I can not have the scroll.
Maybe it applies evil "overflow-x: hidden".
Can you give me an example of a code of how to apply the solution.

Thanks a lot

Sorry for my english

Mauro from Italy


OS X Yosemite: stuck on initializing


I have successfully installed Intel XDK on Macbook Air MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011) running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. Problem is, everytime I try to start the app, it is stuck on initializing screen. Already restarted and reinstalled several times but still the problem existed.

Note: Previously I have no problem when running Intel XDK on Ubuntu and Elementary OS.

Please tell me if anyone has similar issue and if there's any workaround to fix this. Thanks in advance.

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Running a phonegap with ajax and (ajax and )

I try to run a phonegap (crosswalk) that uses AJAX and

I use the latest IntelXDK 2548

(I use full URL to access ajax and socket and my sites uses correct HTTPS)

  • Application works fine directly in browser

I use the debugger for that and all my calls are in status:

status: canceled (in red)

I also tried to publish it directly to my phone (all rights set to *)

HTML5 abonnieren