Intel Support and direction of AF3 and XDK

Hi Intel Support or Product Owners -

These new forums don't seem very active and I am just wondering if or how well supported is XDK and the future development of AF going to be? and how well supported is it by Intel? It seems like the push around Gaming, it clearly is a big piece of the future. And XDK and the app designer are pretty brilliant (I don't know why some from Intel suggest the preference is to hand code primarily) - so, is the game dev world loving this stuff more than the app dev world of people looking to jump from jQuery Mobile or what?

Theme Builder for AF3? ala Themeroller w/ jQuery Mobile

Coming from the jQuery Mobile world and it's ThemeRoller and Swatch concept -- is there anything like that for AF3 or within XDK?

I get the concept AF handling theme'ing differently, more just tighter to each platform, and being able to unwire that as needed. IN AF2.x I see there were some basic CSS and theme builder sites - but, not that robust - and I don't see really any tutorials or even search results on Google on the topic.

But, clients still have specific branding needs, and managing that centrally in a theme or themes so it flows down to elements is really ideal -

AppStore publishing


I have a problem. Within a few months appstore rejects my application.

Reason: "2.9 Details

Additionally, your app still contains references to incomplete content. Specifically, some icons are left unchanged from template.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference."

(In attach - Apache Cordova Logo).

But I've changed all icons of app to my own.

Profile Tab What goes into (idle)

Much to our surprise our game is spending 90% of its time in (idle).

Of course this only happens on the Android. :)

So I'm wondering, what can I take that to mean? What contributes to the seconds added into this figure?

We don't have any intentional timer functions that would lead to spending great amounts of time "waiting".

Could a function perhaps be defined incorrectly in such a way that it is not counted as itself, but contributes to (idle).

[help] notification alert on intel xdk not working...

how to use alert method on intel xdk,.,

1) i try use this script but not working on my real device ( only work on emulate and test intel xdk)

intel.xdk.notification.alert("Hammertime!","STOP","Can\'t Touch This");

2) this script also does not work ( only work on emulate and test intel xdk)

navigator.notification.alert(message, alertCallback, [title], [buttonName]);


Ajax calls not reporting correct status in Android App Preview

There seems to be a weird bug that only occurs in app preview on Android.

I make an Ajax call to a page that returns a HTTP 403 response, but the status code in the JQuery Ajax callback is 200.

To be clear, this only happens on App Preview for Android.  The same code runs correctly on the Emulator, on App Preview for iOS, and in full builds for both Android and iOS.

Here is some example code:

Unable to build. Please verify that you are connected to the internet and try again. Maximum request length exceeded.

When I try to build my app I get this error "Unable to build. Please verify that you are connected to the internet and try again. Maximum request length exceeded."

Is there a way to fix this? Can I change the settings somewhere to modify the maximum request length?

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