feature request: 4:3 videos on a 16:9 mix


I was looking forward to being able to fit 12 320x240 webcams inside of 1 1280x720 mix-mode encode, as it fits perfectly mathematically. I was also hoping to be able to fit 12 480x360 webcams inside of 1920x1080 mix mode.

However, I find that if I set the json layout to "left: 0", the software assumes the video is in widescreen, so a black bar is placed to the left.

If I must pretend all media is widescreen, that only leaves 9 videos capable at 240p inside of the 720p mix.

I can not open index.html in xdk.


   I'm creating single page application with framework7. I can not open index.html. It is possible  open and see other files. What is more the emulator is not working (time out error). What is wrong with xdk? How to fix it? 

Note: My version of xdk : 2727 

After reboot my laptop a problem disappear:) but this is third time I have this kind of issue.




Only 1 page allowed under Intel XDK/Cordova call to cordova.js

I am creating a 2 page app that has an index.html and app.html page. Each page has a corresponding index.js and app.js javascript file. When I load the cordova.js in index,html at the header level as <script type="text/javascript" src="cordova.js"></script> it doesn't allow the app.html page to be alled through index.js. I click the button which calls it and nothing happens. If I remove the line for calling cordova.js, I get the popup saying cordova.js could not be found. How do you set up an app to be allowed to have a second page under Intel XDK/Cordova?

Problems installing plugin admob third party

Hi people, everytime i try to build a proyect with the pluggin from third party admob pro ( it gaves me an error (Error: Plugin "AdMob Plugin Pro" failled to install), everytime the same error, it doesn't matte if it's my own proyect or a template from the own intel xdk, i'm using Cordova 5.1.1 and Intel XDK 2727, it's suppose to working just fine, i don't know where could be the problem, anyone can help me with this? Thanks

XDK 2727 - IDE too slow

I am using XDK IDE for the first time, I have installed the version 2727. My notebook is  Lenovo Thinkpad T430, 16GB RAM, runs visual studio 2013 very well, but XDK is so slow. Is there something I can disable to speed up the responsiveness of the IDE?

It is slow when I click in an object to change the properties, it takes 2 or more seconds to allow me to change any property. And it is slow in the html editor.

thanks in advance,

HTML5 abonnieren