Version 1826 is so slow


I have been trying to persevere with the latest version 1826 and I don't know what you have done, but you have killed the performance.

It is so slow to save, design, update, emulate etc to the point where it is almost unusable. I run this on a Macbook Air i7 with 8GB of RAM and Yosemite 10.10.2 and it is driving me crazy.



XDK BUILD SERVER resting periods?

ok this is quite funny to say, but i've noticed that the build server stops working after 14:30 pm (GMT+9 tokyo), why i say this? 
well my work ends at 5 pm here, and everyday when i try to compile after 4:30pm the compile never ends, the green thing just keep spinning and never finishes the compilation, right now it is 4:49 pm and the compilation i started at 4:31 hasnt stopped spinning.

happens on windows, and mac, both never finishes it so i have to cancel at 5:00 when i leave my office, dont know until when this lasts, but next day seems to work fine again until 4:30.

1826 Android build: no icons or splash screens

To reproduce this problem, only populate LPDPI, MDPI, HDPI,XHDPI icons for icon and splash screens/Android. Do not populate Android-crosswalk. All resolutions of splash screens loaded.

Build as Cordova hybrid/Android. Install.  Icon is default XDK and no splash screen appears.

Next populate the Android-crosswalk icons. Build for Cordova hybrid/Android. Installed app now has icons and splash screens displayed.

Problem with $.afui.loadContent

I'm trying to build a panel in a function and then launch the panel. I've started by just trying to launch a panel with the code below. #test is the ID of of a div and #thdirections is the id of a panel. When I run this in debug, nothing happens and I get this message: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'loadContent' of undefined."  Any examples of the correct implementation of this function would be very helpful.


function getDirections(e) {


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