Games Published With Intel XDK to google play is Not working

i Have Created a Game called Endless and I have piblished it to googlelau store. But the problem is that when you install amy game and start playing it, it doea not work at all, it does'nt even download! And somethimes, it gets stucks in the middle of the game and also if everythong oa fine, the game works very slowly,

Issue with scroll when using swipe-hammer.js (only iOS)

I was with a issue at one app with Framework7, only on iOS: the scroll did not work all the times. The page seems freezes, but some times it worked. On Android there any problem.

After a lot of tests, I commented the line

<script type="application/javascript" src="sidebar/js/swipe-hammer.js"></script>

After it, the scrool is OK, but.... of course, I can´t swipe the sidebar without the button.

The order of lines is:

Geolocation out of order


I am developing some apps using Geolocation at the moment. Some days ago everything worked fine. It still works fine in the emulator, but when I build my app oder use App Preview, it doesn´t work anymore. I also tried it with source code that I didn´t change for a month, it doesn´t work here, too. The "Geolocation" plugin is selected. It would be great if you could fix that problem.

Jochen M.​

rejected app in the apple

Dear Forum,

i'm trying to upload my app on itunes connect but every time it be rejected for this error:

"Thank you for your resubmission. The previous issue remains unresolved. 

2.2 Details

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 8.4 and iPhone running iOS 8.4 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

App launches into a white screen.

The steps to reproduce are:

Launch app.

Next Steps


HI all,

I've developed an Android App from a html project, through webview, i.e, from a pdf file I used the tool pdf2html for generation the project, index.html and one new html per pdf page.

NOw the app has been uploaded to Google play and works quite well in most of the devices.

However in some other devices like Nexus-4 (os v 5.1.1) the app only shows the initial splash screen and next is not able to show the first page of the webapp. Instead it shows a white screen, because internally it seems this is the error happened:

android.hardware.location.gps Your APK manifest requires capabilities not present on this device.

  • android.hardware.location.gps

this needed by amazon - I submitted an Android App - not amazon app. How add in xdk manifest this???

Your APK manifest requires capabilities not present on this device. Learn More.

  • android.hardware.location.gps


see shot:attached





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