The MEAN+E Stack - Adding the Intel® Edison Board to a Business Application

After the first day of class I approached the instructor and asked him if had ever worked with the Intel® Edison board based on his Node.js background. He had heard about them but not had the opportunity to work with one first hand. The instructor was from out of town so I brought in my development kit for him to play around with after class in his hotel. Excited about the Intel® Edison platform, we devised a plan to work an Intel® Edison board into the final project at the end of the week.

Connect the Intel® Edison Board to IBM IoT Foundation

This article talks about creating a Bluemix application, registering a device, setting triggers using NodeRED flow editor and visualizing data using Rickshaw JS.
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    I have enabled Virtualization in BIOS menu and even tested using the identification tool which says the virtualization technology is enabled but when Iam installing this intelhaxm-android; Iam facing this problem. Can anyone help me.

    Thanks in advance! 


    More About Maps

    Previously I talked about the value of the new Map() object which was introduced in ES6. It’s darned exciting (well to those of us who get excited by new Javascript features), but there’s a little more to it than just get() and set(). Over the years a number of nice functional features have crept into Javascript (some inspired by UnderscoreJS or jQuery). Thus you have some nice features on arrays that allow you to iterate through them, apply functions to each element, or even do reductions. As you might expect, a lot of similar capabilities are available with the new Map objects. They’ve got a number of useful functions besides just get and set. But first the basics.

    Treasured Maps

    Javascript objects are wonderful things. So wonderful that they’re the basis of the ever popular JSON. But there are some things they won’t do. One of the big ones is that they are slightly limited in what can be used as a key. Mind you, they are fairly flexible as these things go. When I was learning to program, all we had was C where you can only put non-negative integers between the square braces.

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