Motorola XT890 bootloader brocken

Hello,can i restore my unlocked razr i?It can't boot,can' go to recovery.Only ap fastboot works.but i can't flash anything over rsd lite and fastboot says sending to device... ok.flash failure (remote : permission denied ) only radio flashing is fastboot menü i have the following error messages :

64 bit userland compilation?

Hi. We're wondering if it is possible to compile libs and apps for the 64 bit x86_64 architecture. We're currently using Beacon Mountain on Windows as our development environment and NDK.  We have Android 4.2 but could probably update to 4.4 if necessary.

We are also using IPP for Android since we're trying to accelerate some critical processing.


Aharon Robbins

使用 jqMobi 开发 app 基础:HTML5 LocalStorage 本地存储

在开发app时,会经常用到HTML5 LocalStorage 本地存储相关的资料。例如记住用户名,原来是使用cookie,现在基本都改成了LocalStorage 。

   使用LocalStorage 其实很简单,localStorage.setItem(key, value );设置值,localStorage.getItem(key)读取值。


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  • MHacks: 1,200 Students Rev Up the Motor City for the Midwest's Largest Hackathon

    The best hackathons are those that embody the true spirit of a hackathon -- learning new things, meeting new people, having fun, and if you're really lucky, building something cool. Earlier this month I took part in an event that had all of those ingredients and more -- MHacks in Detroit, Michigan.

    Aprenda Javascript de um jeito diferente

    Traduzimos para português uma série de seis artigos escritos pelo Dale Schouten, que ensinam alguns conceitos fundamentais do Javascript de um jeito bastante descontraído e interessante, principalmente para quem já programa ou tem noções da linguagem C/C++ (e já se divertiu um pouco com o bom e velho Basic).

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