Projects Overview

Describes important concepts needed to use the Projects tab. It explains Intel® XDK project types, viewing project root and source directories, and how to choose Cordova* plug-ins, build settings, and launch icons/splash screens. It also describes how to enable or disable platform targets in the Projects and Build tabs, and how to upgrade a Standard HTML5 project to an HTML5+Cordova project type.

Projects Tab

Use the Intel® XDK Projects tab to choose the active project, create and manage projects, and import app files as a project. The Intel XDK supports several project types: Standard HTML5, HTML5 plus Cordova support, and Internet of Things with node.js (IoT Edition only).

Create, Import, and Manage Intel® XDK Projects

This topic shows how to use the Projects tab to create a new Intel® XDK project using choosing a template or sample demo, or by importing an app's HTML5 code base. It provides instructions to select the active project, open a project not listed in the Projects tab, and move a project's files to a different directory or development system.

Intel Software Day 2015 - Salvador (Conteúdo)

A Intel Software Brasil realizou nos dias 12 e 13 de Junho de 2015 o Intel Software Day 2015. Nesta edição o evento mudou de ares e foi realizado em Salvador, sendo recepcionado pelo Senai - Cimatec e sua excelente infra estrutura.
Durante o evento foram realizadas cinco trilhas de palestras com foco em Android, RealSense/Windows, IoT, HPC e Startups com profissionais de alto nível, além de apresentações de demos e muito networking entre os participantes.

June 2015 Intel® XDK Update Blog

Over the past several months we have been busy focusing on quality and security improvements in the Intel® XDK, and changing our User Forums and sign-on over to use Intel’s standard infrastructure.  This month, though, we are releasing a few new features in the Intel XDK to help shore up a few things.

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