Android 应用程序开发另解及 Android SDK 工具集的另类用法

相信对于广大Android应用开发爱好者来说,Android SDK工具集的大家都已经能够很熟练的使用,但是我这里要介绍的是SDK工具集的非常用使用方法,即“另类用法”。




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  • PHP 多线程扩展(正儿八经的线程)pthreads 安装

    环境CentOS 6.3 64bit,php 5.4.5



      tar zxvf php-5.4.5.tar.gz//名字是不是这个我不确定,自己去下载


    ./configure --enable-zts --prefix=/usr/local/php-zts //或者 --enable-maintainer-zts


    make install


    如果遇到undefined reference to `executor_globals_id'

    make clean就可以了


    tar zxvf pthreads

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  • OpenMP not using all processors

    I am trying to use MKL libraries and OpenMP in a MSVS C++ application on Windows7. The application shows affinity for all 24 processors (2 nodes, 6 processors, HyperThreaded). omp_get_num_procs() also shows 24 processors.  When I run the program only 1 node and 6 processors are accessed. This is confirmed  when I use "KMP_AFFINITY=verbose,none". It ouputs "OMP: Info #179: KMP_AFFINITY: 1 packages x 6 cores/pkg x 1 threads/core (6 total cores)".  I get no compiler or linker complaints.

    Configuring Your Android* USB Debug Connection for the Intel® XDK

    If you are having trouble getting the Debug tab, Profile tab or “Run My App” tool on the Develop tab to start with your USB-connected Android* device, try starting App Preview (on your device) before you initiate the Debug, Profile or Run My App tasks. This sometimes resolves USB connection issues when using low performance Android devices. If starting App Preview on your device before you start these tasks does not solve the issue, you may have an Android USB debug driver problem. In that case, please follow the instructions provided below.

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