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Coarrays and synchronization constructs are defined by the Fortran 2008 Standard and are implemented as Intel® Fortran extensions that support parallel programming using a Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) model. These features are not available on OS X* systems.

You must specify compiler option [Q]coarray to enable coarrays in your program.

Deferred-Coshape Coarrays

A deferred-coshape(allocatable) coarray has cobounds that are determined by allocation or argument association.

An allocatable coarray has the ALLOCATABLE attribute and a deferred-coshape specification.

A deferred-coshape specification is indicated by a colon (:).

The corank of an allocatable coarray is equal to the number of colons in its deferred-coshape specification.

Referencing Coarray Images

Data on other images is normally referenced by cosubscripts enclosed in square brackets.

For coarray images, each set of cosubscripts maps to an image index, which is an integer between one and the number of images, in the same way as a set of array subscripts maps to a position in array element order.

To find the image index for each image, specify intrinsic function THIS_IMAGE() with no arguments.


An expression represents either a data reference or a computation, and is formed from operators, operands, and parentheses. The result of an expression is either a scalar value or an array of scalar values.

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