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<not counted>satus for perf events in perf stats

Hi all,

I am using Intel i5-3337U processor. I want to get several perf events for a process via PID.

However when I am running perf stat command with several events for some seconds,in some execution its giving stats but sometimes its displayed all counters as "<not counted>"..

Could you please tell me the probable reason for that and how to get rid off this problem?


Time spent in functions ?


I have an application built with intel compilers (version 15) and -g -O2 mode (optim+debug info).

The application was run through amplxe-cl -collect hotspots.

When lauchin VTune on the collected info, I would expect to find (as explained in a tutorial video) the time spent in the more time consuming function. Instead, I get:

Cannot locate file


After having spent half an hour collecting the result of a collect, VTune tells me that it cannot find a set of file, including libraries from intel compiler.

Note that VTune has access to exactly the same libraries as those available during the run since both collection an analysis are performed on the same cluster:

_init() instrumentation failed

I'm getting an instrumentation fault when I attempt to do a hotspot analysis. It is an evaluation copy and the binary was generated by a Go compiler. Does anyone have a clue why vtune is looking for queens_init() and what it wants to do with it? The only other possibly unrelated issue was that I had to remove my /etc/fuse.conf to work around an install seg fault but it is hard to imagine that is the problem.

Thanks in advance...

Error: [Instrumentation Engine]: Function IMG_FindByUnloadAddress called without holding lock


I have been profiling the same FORTRAN OpenMP code on 4 threads on a node comprising 2x 6-core Westmere, under the SGE batch system where I have reserved all 12 cores exclusively for my use.

Out of my 20 runs, I have one that failed with the following to standard error:

Vtune "named user license" on both windows and linux


I've read online that it is possible to use Vtune on muliple machines with a  "named user license".  Is this true for both Windows and Linux at the same time?  Can I use my "named user license" on both operating systems?

When I went to purchase Vtune I noticed there are two versions (Windows or Linux).  Both  have the same price.  So, I will I be locked to either Windows or Linux depending on which I purchase?   If a "named user license" can be used for both OSes, how do I get the application code for OS that I didn't originally purchase?

Finalizing results hangs with large .pdb file

I am experiencing an issue with Intel VTune Amplifier.

My executable has a rather large .pdb file (~390MB). After collecting data, the resolve step hangs while resolving symbols. I can fix the problem by removing un-referenced functions from the .exe and .pdb files (Visual Studio Linker option /OPT:REF). This shrinks the .pdb file to ~140MB and the .exe file from ~22MB to ~9MB.

Is this a known issue with V-Tune? Even with very small samples; V-Tune will hang if the symbol file is large.


Additional Details:

Profile Failed

Hello,I profiled the sample project tachyon vc10, and got a problem.. B elow is the log:

Analyzing Debug configuration
    11/24/14 19:49:16  Profiling Debug configuration may provide misleading results. Change active configuration for performance measurements to Release to accurately reflect the behavior of your released product. 

VTune Data Collection automatically triggering prematurely


I am trying to perform Basic Hotspots analysis using VTune Amplifier XE 2015 on my win64 machine, and experiencing problems with VTune Data Collection log process triggering prematurely. 

This is my workflow. I click on the "Start" or "Start As Paused" (for Start/Resume workflow) button and am in the process of running a script in my application for profiling. However, after a few seconds VTune Data Collection Log is automatically getting triggered without my performing any other action in VTune (no "Pause" or "Stop"), and before my script is done running. 

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