Intel® Inspector XE

vs2013 & Inspector XE 2015 &windows 7

I met this error when I ran Inspector to detect memory problems:

This operating system is not supported. Suggestion: Check the Release Notes for a list of supported operating systems.

I did check the release notes, which says Windows7 and vs2013 are supported. There is anyting else I could do?


Memory growth: "unknown" results


the memory growth analysis would be very useful to find growth-related problems in our software. I have tested it several times now, but the result was always the same: I got 1 memory growth problem found, and this was reported as "Unknown", so it just tells me nothing about the underlying problem(s) (see screenshot).

In which cases does the tool report "unknown"? (Perhaps this helps me finding out what is going wrong...)

What I did:

  • new project
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