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instructional change __m128i

Hi, good afternoon.

I am using a __m128i for store 16 elements of 8 bits

__m128i s0 = _mm_set_epi8(pixelsTemp[95], pixelsTemp[94], pixelsTemp[93], pixelsTemp[92], pixelsTemp[91], pixelsTemp[90], pixelsTemp[89], pixelsTemp[88], pixelsTemp[87], pixelsTemp[86], pixelsTemp[85], pixelsTemp[84], pixelsTemp[83], pixelsTemp[82], pixelsTemp[81], pixelsTemp[224]);

Optimizing Big Data processing with Haswell 256-bit Integer SIMD instructions

Big Data requires processing huge amounts of data. Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (aka AVX2) promoted most Intel AVX 128-bits integer SIMD instruction sets to 256-bits. Intel AVX brought 256-bits floating-point SIMD instructions, but it didn't include 256-bits integer SIMD instructions. Intel AVX2 allows you to operate with the AVX 256-bits wide YMM register for integer data types. In this post, I’ll explain how developers can speedup big data processing with the new 256-bits integer SIMD instructions.

SDE emulation issue

I am using the SDE emulator with AVX2 instruction set, I have written some simple program but it is crashing in RELEASE mode with SDE emulator.

Please let me know whether SDE emulates the stack related operations or not.  YASM synatxed assembly programming

section .txt
 global dummy_asm

    push rbp
    mov  rbp, rsp
    sub rsp, 1024
    push rbx ;no need to push in this program, but in actual program using this register
    vmovdqu [rsp], xmm0 ;xmm0 is dummy value

    pop rbx

Intel Software Conference 2014

 A Intel Software Brasil realizou neste mês o Intel Software Conference 2014, que aconteceu na Universidade Estácio de Sá (Rio de Janeiro) nos dias 26 e 27 de Maio e no IMAM (São Paulo) nos dias 28,29 e 30 de Maio.

Foram realizadas palestras e "round tables" ministradas por profissionais da Intel do Brasil, Estados Unidos e Alemanha cobrindo dois temas: Computação Paralela e de Alto Desempenho nos primeiros quatro dias (RJ e SP) e Desenvolvimento Android no último dia (somente em São Paulo).  

Confira logo abaixo os slides das apresentações realizadas.

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  • Broken links for MPX GCC version on the Intel server?

    I'm not sure where else to post issues with downloads so I'm just posting it here. At the following URL I'm trying to download the patched version of GCC. The download, however, stops before it is finished. I have tried to download these files from different physical systems, using e.g. Firefox and wget; just to exclude issues on my side. Is there any more recent static version of GCC with MPX available?

    AVX _mm256_store_ps


    I am wanting to run the following code using the AVX instruction set,

     I compile without any problem but generates an error when I run:


    "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

    Reviewing the code the problem is in the instruction: 

      _mm256_store_ps(&total,acc); //Error

    Could someone point me to to be.

    Thank you


    I compile with the following command: 

    gcc -O3 vec_avx.c -mavx -o vec_avx.x

    And the main code is as follows:

    Intel MPX, unable to reproduce results in example

    In trying to reproduce the example given by Ady Tal at I encounter the following problem:

    Terminal 1:

    $ ../sde-external-6.22.0-2014-03-06-lin/sde64 -mpx-mode -debug -- ./mpx_test3
    Application stopped until continued from debugger.
    Start GDB, then issue this command at the (gdb) prompt:
      target remote :44736

    Terminal 2:

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