Mac OS 10.9 - clang: error: unknown argument: '-no-intel-extensions'

I executed the following commands:


curl ${INTEL_OPENMP_LATEST_BUILD_LINK} -o libomp_oss_temp.tgz
gunzip -c libomp_oss_temp.tgz | tar xopf -
rm -rf libomp_oss_temp.tgz
cd libomp_oss


OpenMP* 4.0 Features in Intel Compiler 15.0

Intel® C++ Compiler 15.0 and Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 support the OpenMP* 4.0 standard, with the exception of user-defined reductions. Refer to the compiler documentation (C++ | Fortran) for more information.

Intel C++ Compiler 15.0 and Intel Fortran Compiler 15.0 adds support for several OpenMP* 4.0 features and directives as defined by the OpenMP* 4.0 specification:

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  • OpenMP* WORKSHARE constructs now parallelize with Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0

    The Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 now generates multi-threaded code for select instances of the OpenMP WORKSHARE and PARALLEL WORKSHARE constructs involving array assignments.  Previously, these were implemented with the OpenMP SINGLE construct, meaning that only single-threaded code was generated.


    Multithreaded code is not always generated for the statements inside the block of an OMP WORKSHARE construct. Some statements parallelize; others do not parallelize and instead execute sequentially inside an OMP SINGLE construct to preserve the correct semantics of WORKSHARE.

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  • MPI与OpenMP*的混合编程模型介绍

            1.  HPC领域中并行编程模型介绍

      在高性能计算HPC领域,MPI、OpenMP*、单边通信、shmem共享内存等并行编程模型正被广泛运用于应用中。本文将主要围绕MPI及OpenMP*来进行介绍,以及二者在Intel® Xeon Phi™协处理器上的应用。

      MPI(Message Passing Interface)是常用于在高性能计算中的分布式内存系统中常用的消息传递规范。在MPI模型中,数据在进程(或MPI rank)之间以协作的方式移动,每一个MPI rank拥有一个独立的地址空间。MPI规范包括通信及同步机制,它已成为分布式系统上进程间通信的默认标准。

      OpenMP(Open Multi-Processing)也是一种HPC领域中常用的编程规范,它对可使用的各种pragma、运行时库及环境变量都有标准的定义。共享的内存可以被所有OpenMP线程访问,这种编程方式主要用于多核共享内存的场景。

            2.  MPI/OpenMP混合编程的优势

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  • openmp transformed code

    Is there a option in icc to get omp transformed code (with runtime functions calls) generated by the compiler for any input omp code, Like the following example in the intel openmp runtime documentation. 

    extern float foo( void );
    int main () {
    int i;
    float r = 0.0;
    #pragma omp parallel for schedule(dynamic) reduction(+:r)
    for ( i = 0; i < 10; i ++ ) {
         r += foo();

    Transformed code

    Hybrid MPI and OpenMP* Model

    In the High Performance Computing (HPC) area, parallel computing techniques such as MPI, OpenMP*, one-sided communications, shmem, and Fortran coarray are widely utilized. This blog is part of a series that will introduce the use of these techniques, especially how to use them on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. This first blog discusses the main usage of the hybrid MPI/OpenMP model.

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