Need Phi Optimization Expert to work on new project for Road Material Simulation


We require a Intel Phi processor optimization expert to help with optimization FORTRAN code for road material stress simulation. The models have been coded and are working, just need a guru to help move the load off to Phi cards.

Currently it takes 20 days to run a simulation point on a regular Intel i7 2.8 Ghz Quad core notebook processor, we need to get that down to under 40 minutes.

problem in setting threads at MIC

hi all,

This a program, I had written in fortran.

!dir$ offload begin target(mic)
call omp_set_num_threads(240)
!dir$ end offload

!dir$ offload begin target(mic)
!$omp parallel
print *,The number of threads are',omp_get_num_threads()
!$omp end parallel
!dir$ end offload

However in the final output I still get 

The number of threads are 1

why? How do I set more threads?


auto vectorized and auto parallelized only interested loop.

Hi all,

It turn out one of the loop I was interested in offloading to MIC as per optimization report suggested it was both auto vectorized and auto parallelized.

What I would want is only auto parallelize only this loop.

The -vec-report vectorised all loops and paralelized them.

This is important to for me as I would want to check percentage reduction in time taken on my application just by reducing the time taken in this loop.

How do I do this? Is there a way to do this?

offload error (trying my first program)

I am just trying to get our XeonPhi to work properly. It worked for offload computing a couple of months ago when I tried it, but now I get the following error:

offload error: cannot find offload entry __offload_entry_Conceptual_Transformation_cpp_40f_7e694fe6ef39bee36b1d18aad1ea599dicc43479367WrTpxg
offload error: process on the device 0 unexpectedly exited with code 1

icc version 14.0.2 (gcc version 4.7.2 compatibility)

MPSS 3.5

Code is just a simple example to try out offloading. Any help appreciated.

analyzing .optrpt file


With the intention to ensure/check if a given loop is parallel or not, I generated an .optrpt file.

I used the following flags for the same:   -parallel -opt-report-phase=par -opt-report:5

However I have three doubts persisting that the auto-parallelization flags failed to answer.

1) I had a two level nested loop like this
do k=1,km-1
                   do kk=1,2
<code is here>

Executing Intel® Cluster Checker 2.x through a job scheduler

This article describes how to integrate Intel Cluster Checker with a job scheduler, with special attention to modification of the node list.
  • Linux*
  • Fortgeschrittene
  • Intel® Cluster Checker
  • Intel® Cluster Ready
  • Cluster-Computing
  • Intel xeon phi ubuntu

    Is there any way to make this card work on some publkick distributions like ubuntu or debian? 

    I am a bioinformatic scientist, i dont know that much about programming, and each guides i found on the web failed. 

    Is there any (easy) way to make this card work on the latest ubuntu LTS? 

    Cluster-Computing abonnieren