prefetch keyword misnomer?

Dear forum,

Looking at the assembly code, the prefetch intrinsics function with _MM_HINT_T2 hint is compiled to vprefetch2, which, according to MIC instruction set manual, is a non-temporal L2 prefetch. This seems to contradict the temporal nature implied in "T". Or did I miss anything?

MIC Fortran Error : could not find 'k1om-mpss-linux-ld.exe'

I am using the 64 bit Intel Visual Fortran compiler through visual studio 2013 and Windows 7 professional and am encountering an error which prevents compilation. I stepped back to the beginning Xeon Phi labs and used the provided code as a simplest case which I knew should work and the error was still present (Code used included for reference).

SDN, NFV, DPDK and the Open Networking Platform - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on SDN, NFV, DPDK and the Intel® Open Network Platform Server

Why are SDN and NFV so important?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are emerging as an alternative to traditional network design because they address many of the drawbacks of traditional hardware based networks.  SDN and NFV offer four primary benefits:

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  • Intel Xeon Phi - MPI application


    I created simple "Hello world" apllication. I tried to run program, as show in this article:

    But in result I got following error:

    # bash: /opt/intel//impi/ cannot execute binary file

    I use system with HOME directory shared between host and card.

    What Is the problem? Thanks for help.


    open_hca: getaddr_netdev ERROR: Connection refused. Is ib0 configured ERROR

    Dear all,

    I am a beginner in linux; i am using quantum espresso software; The cluster we have at University has three types of partition short (for jobs within an hour), long (jobs within 4 days) and superlong (jobs within 10 days). each node has 8 processors; however recently when I am running a job, only the SHORT partition works properly; this is not very useful for me as I need to run longer jobs. when i run the other two (long and superlong) I get several errors: running on more than one node say : 16 processors (2 nodes) producesan error:

    No speedup with TBB and Cilk Plus sorting algorithms

    I cannot get any speedup with <b>TBB</b> and <b>Cilk Plus</b> sorting algorithms on Xeon Phi, namely <pre class="brush:cpp">tbb::parallel_sort()</pre>, <pre class="brush:cpp">cilkpub::cilk_sort_in_place()</pre>, and <pre class="brush:cpp">cilkpub::cilk_sort()</pre>. I have tried to use 2, 4, 16, 61, 122 threads. With the very same program, the speedups on the 16-core Xeon host are excellent. The compiler is the same (Intel 15.0.2), the only difference is the -mmic command line argument and linking against MIC libraries.

    _mm256_add_ps crashes program

    Hello ,

    I am using in my code something like:

    int x , y;
    float * TempD = (float*) _mm_malloc( N * sizeof(*TempD) ,64 );
    __m256  * SIMDTempD = (__m256*) TempD;
    __m256  * theX = (__m256*) X;
    __m256  * theY = (__m256*) Y;
    __m256i * theV = (__m256i*) V;
    __m256i * theVoronoi = (__m256i*) Vor;
    __m256 Xd ,Yd ,XdSquared ,YdSquared;


    and then in a loop:

    Illegal instruction using _mm512

    Hello ,

    I am using in my code intrinsics.

    If I compile like:

    icc -std=c99 -g -openmp -qopt-report=2 -o mycode mycode.c

    I am receiving : Illegal instruction in line:

    __m512 D = _mm512_set1_ps( FLT_MAX );


    If I compile :

    icc -std=c99 -g -mavx -openmp -qopt-report=2 -o mycode mycode.c

    I am receiving: Illegal instruction in line:

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