Co-processor only fine. But Symmetric & Offload not work.

Hello, I want to generate xeon phi workstation using intel MPI.

Thus, I've already set up xeon phi and run test code using below thread.

However, MPI Offload model & Symmetric model is not working with this error message if I run below MPI task.

Performance BKMs: Introduction and Super-secret Intel Tools

At SC13 (Super Computing 2013)*, someone commented that Intel seems to have some super-secret set of tricks in its pocket, allowing us to optimize “far beyond those of mortal man”+. We don’t really have any super-secret tricks. Even if we did, we wouldn’t use them. We want mortal man (you) to be able to reproduce whatever we do. It is also in our business interest to insure that you can optimize on Intel hardware to the fullest extent possible.

Booting a Non-Linux OS

I want to boot a non-linux OS on the Xeon Phi. Is there any documentation on that? 

From the MPSS User Guide:

"The second part of the boot argument indicates to boot a Linux* image. It may also be set to elf to indicate booting a standard ELF format file. Documenting non-Linux* boot is beyond the scope of this document."

Is it possible to boot an elf-x86_64 (no unsupported vector instructions used) or does the elf need to be an elf-k1om? What is the entry point of the elf and can it be used to bootstrap the card OS?

Energy consumption big differences for idle energy consumption on CPU and Xeon Phi coprocessor

I tried to test the idle energy consumption for 10 seconds on Xeon Phi 5110P and  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz energy consumption. 

I found there is a quite difference on total energy consumption for 10 seconds. This is weird. 

 20.321426 Joules for 10 seconds idle CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650  which is 2.032 Watt. 

While the Xeon Phi 5110P is 764.650000 Joules in 10 seconds which 76.465 Watt. 

The detail codes and compile method can be downloaded in the following two links.  

VTune multithreading on multicore

Hi guys,

I am trying to run 8 different threads on 8 different cores. So my CPU time is greater than my elapsed time. One of the threads is taking a very long time when compared to the other 7. These 7 threads are taking up almost the same time with a very minute difference. I have attached a screenshot of this. Can someone please tell me why this one particular thread is taking this extra time? 


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