Unity* 原生 X86 支持使Square Enix的Hitman GO*卓尔不凡

作者:Cristiano Ferreira 和 Joseph Wells

Unity* 的最新 4.6 版本可轻松支持原生 x86 应用。Square Enix 很快便发现了在安卓系统上支持原生 x86 所带来的优势,通过启用 Unity 原生 x86 支持,Hitman GO* 版本开发人员轻松将游戏加载速度加快了 31.2% ;1.

相比之前的非原生支持,Unity 软件的原生安卓 x86 支持提供了这些卓越的潜在优势: ;

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  • Level Up 2015 FAQs

    Level Up 2015 Game Demo Contest - Frequently Asked Questions


    Who is eligible to enter the contest?
    If you are 18 years or older, you are eligible to enter the contest. This is a worldwide contest, with some restrictions. Please read the contest official rules for the details.

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  • Unity Tips Part 1: Memory, Audio, and Textures

    This is part 1 of several blogs covering Tips and Tricks when using Unity.  This (part 1) includes Memory Optimization and working with Textures and was compiled by Steve Hughes who works as an Applications Engineer for Visual Computing at Intel. 

    Working with Textures                                                                                                              

    Quick Installation Guide for Graphics Performance Analyzers on Windows with Intel® INDE

    Intel® INDE provides a comprehensive toolset for developing applications targeting both CPU and GPUs, enriching the development experience of a game or media developer. Yet, if you got used to work with the legacy Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers or if you just want to get started using those tools quickly, you can follow these steps and install only the Graphics Performance Analyzers components of Intel® INDE.

    Go to the Intel® INDE Web page, select the edition you want to download and hit Download link:

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