High Dynamic Range Environment Mapping On Mainstream Graphics Hardware

This white paper discusses the use of High Dynamic Range Imagery rendering utilizing Reinhard’s tone mapping calculation and floating point textures on the Intel® 965 Express Chipset and Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset family.


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  • Tools and Tips for Debugging Issues on Intel® 3000 and X3000 Series Integrated Graphics

    Trying to debug issues on Intel® Integrated Graphics can be simple provided you understand some very fundamental principles and some of the tools available to the software development community. All methods described in this document are easy to use and can make porting, debugging and developing code for Integrated Graphics as simple as doing so for any graphics hardware out in the market.

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  • 3D Lighting in Softimage

    This article on lighting & rendering covers describes how to achieve various lighting effects in Softimage. Includes adjusting ambience, animating lights, adding atmospheric effects, use of caustics, and refraction through a medium such as glass.
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