Сравнение методов наложения теней с помощью Shadow Explorer

Тени реализованы в абсолютном большинстве современных игр. Приложении Shadow Explorer позволяет пользователю сравнить четыре наиболее популярных алгоритма наложения теней и, настраивая параметры, проследить возникающие эффекты в реальном времени.
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  • Experimental Cloud-based Ray Tracing Using Intel® MIC Architecture for Highly Parallel Visual Processing

    The cloud is game-changing factor in computing. Companies are offering a service in which the game itself runs on servers in the cloud. It processes user interactions from the game client, & the server sends back a compressed, rendered image to the user.
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  • Please join me at GDC for my lecture on “PC Gaming’s Global Value Propositions”

    Hello Everyone –

    I’ll be presenting my session topic “PC Gaming’s Global Value Propositions” on Friday March 4th from 2-2:25pm. Location: Room 3002, West Hall 3rd Fl. Would be fantastic if all my PC Gaming supporters are able to show up for this! I’m very excited about this presentation.

    In more detail:

    Title: PC Gaming’s Global Value Propositions

    Session Description:

    Building a highly scalable 3D particle system

    Particle systems are an ideal candidate for multi-threading in games. Most games have particle systems and their general nature of independent entities lends well to parallelism. However, a naïve approach won’t load balance well on modern architectures. There are two complementary approaches, task-based threading and SSE, which are ideally suited for particle systems and will obtain maximum performance from multi-core processors.

    Task-based threading

    PC Gaming Alliance – My first 3 months

    I took the helm of the PC Gaming Alliance on Oct 27th 2010. Going into November and December I started taking stock of what the PCGA has been doing over its nearly three year history as I was getting ready to prepare my ‘State of the Gaming Alliance’ message for this year’s CES. Amazing how fast three months comes and goes!

    Visualize this! Game Industry trends with Roger Chandler

    Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. I have an interesting lineup of guests for this year, and if you have guests you would like to hear from, send me note.

    My guest today is Roger Chandler, Director of Product Strategy in the Visual Computing Software Division at Intel. Roger spoke with me on what his team does and the changes he is noticing in the game industry.

    Solitude and Zombies: Waking up to a New Gaming Industry


    A long time ago, a mentor encouraged me to wake up earlier each day and spend some quiet time thinking about what’s going on in my life. While my job responsibilities and family were growing, my attention span was shrinking. I was becoming someone that life just “happened to.” I didn’t like it and he was tired of hearing me complain about it. So now I slow down a little each morning  to thoughtfully consider my priorities and the bigger picture of life. It’s really helped me to prioritize my time (as well as remember all my kids’ names).  

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