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New optimizations for X86 in upcoming GCC 5.0


Part1. Vectorization of loads/stores group.

GCC 5.0 significantly improves vector code quality for load groups and store groups. By loads/stores group I mean iterated consecutive sequence of loads/stores. For example:

x = a[i], y = a[i + 1], z = a[i + 2] iterated by “i” is loads group of size 3

Group size is distance between smallest and largest loads/stores addresses. In the example (i + 2) – (i) + 1 = 3

Meshcentral - OSX Yosemite, Dynamic Devices, Agent v1.90

This week, we have a many updates and bug fixes to Meshcentral. Under the covers we made significant bug fixes, including to some fixes to quite high priority bugs. Thank you to everyone that keeps submitting feedback and bug reports, it’s very much appreciated. In this mail we will cover three major improvements:

Meshcentral - Quick update

In the past week or so, my co-workers and myself have been doing a lot of bug fixing and getting ready to release a bunch of new features. So, in general, working is moving along very well. I released a bunch of server updates yesterday on the web site including a new version of the server installer.

英特尔® 物联网创客马拉松


如果您是创客,物联网创业企业,开发者,高校师生或是硬件初学者,快来加入我们,领取免费的开发套件实现你的物联梦想!除了为您提供开发套件外,我们还为参与者准备了各种开发工具(如额外的传感器、3D 打印机等),美味的食物,现场礼品及最佳物联网方案的奖金!快来体验基于英特尔架构并与 Arduino* 软硬件兼容的开发套件,配套传感器,软件和附件来激发你的创意!

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  • Integrating APIs with XDK - FoodEssentials Sample App

    Download Intel XDK and sign up for an Intel XDK account > find this app under Start A New Project > Work with a Demo or find the source code for this sample app here:

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  • Meshcentral - Improved Android Agent + Mesh Security Update

    The mesh team has been hard at work and this week it’s Rick Edgecombe’s turn to shine with his release of the latest Mesh Agent for Android on the Google Play store. The improvements touch many aspects of the Android agent and so, we will have to look at this in detail:

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