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Intel® Inspector is a dynamic memory and threading error checking tool for users developing serial and multithreaded applications on Windows* and Linux* operating systems.This page defines key terminology used in the product.
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  • bug: warning #469 is hidden when function overloaded


    When compiling example below, you will get warning:

    #469: temporary used for initial value of reference to non-const (anachronism)

    and when another overload is added (see comment) warning disappears, but compiler still choose "BOOL" overload instead of "OBJECT". Note that disabling microsoft extensions (/Za) brings warning back.

    We are using x64 compiler for visual studio 2013, version build 20141023 on windows 7. 

    dpotrf arguments

    With the help of this great forum and old post, I was able to finally execute my first example on Cholesky factorization. However, I have a question. I call the function like this:

            &N, // A is NxN matrix

    Since I am planning to do a distributed factorization, I have to be sure about the arguments. What is the latter 'N' used for? My first thought was about the dimension of the output, but that's the same array, so I am confused.

    inspxe-inject not creating specification file

    I'm running the command inspxe-inject -save-spec=file.spec -- make all

    The program runs (very quickly) with no error messages.

    When I look in file.spec this is all I see:


    #Source Checker Build Specification Format, version 1.0.0


    When I run "make all" from the same directory, it runs correctly.

    The make files are being created by cmake, and at this time I do not have the ability to modify them.


    I am using Centos-7 Linux.



    31S1P: BSOD or Device Connection Lost

    31S1P: BSOD or Device Connection Lost


    There are some kind of instabilities with my Xeon Phi 31s1p. With or WITHOUT(!) a job on the coprocessor there are events like

    june 16 2015 21:02:31: Warning: mic0: Device connection lost!
    june 16 2015 21:03:47: Information: mic0: Device connection restored


    With an OpenCL job the situation gets worse: it may loose connection or raise blue screen of death :) IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL in some MPSS dll (I will take a screenshot later).

    CMP AVX intrinsic (_mm256_cmp_pd)

    Hey everyone 

    I'm testing some intrinsics and checking some results. Unfortunately, I don't understand why when I'm trying to evaluate a[i] > 2, I get "-nan" as an output for the true cases. Maybe I did something wrong but I thought this should return 1 when it's true and 0 when it's false. I looked other internet for this error but I didn't find anything.


    Here's my code:

    Data alignment problem

    Hi there

    I was trying to offload some computation to MIC using "pragma", sending data addressed by a pointer p, then how to ensure the alignment of data on MIC after MIC recieved it? Does" __assume(p, 64)" work?I was trying to use instrinsics to load data to the vector RF, which requires the alignment of data.

    Another problem, that I was trying to active lots of threads for the calculation using "#pragma omp parallel for", and some arrays inside the loop must be thread private while also 64-byte aligned.

    MPI_Recv block a long time

        I get into trouble when use MPI_Recv in my programmes. 
        My programme start 3 subprocess,and bind them to cpu 1-3 respectively. In each subprocess, first disabled interrupts , then send message to other process and receive from others. Repeat it a billion times.
        I except that MPI_Recv will return in a fixed times ,and not use MPI_irecv instead.
        In order to do that, i disabled interrupts and cancel ticks on cpu1-3,remove other process from cpu 1-3 to cpu 0,and bind interrupts to cpu0.

    Run MPI job on LSF for Windows

    When I ran a MPI job on Linux using LSF, I just use bsub to submit the following script file and 

    #BSUB -n 8
    #BSUB -R "OSNAME==Linux && ( SPEED>=2500 ) && ( OSREL==EE60 || OSREL==EE58 || OSREL==EE63 ) &&
    SFIARCH==OPT64 && mem>=32000"
    #BSUB -q lnx64
    #BSUB -W 1:40
    cd my_working_directory
    mpirun  mympi

    The system will start 8 mympi jobs.  I don't need to specify machine names in the mpirun command line. 

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