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Linking error


I'm trying to compile and link a use-subroutine for a commercial FE code. In my code, I have following lapack calls: 

use lapack95

call potrf(cmMinusCfInv)
call potri(cmMinusCfInv)

To compile, I use /Qmkl among a bunch of other compiler directives and it compiles without complaining about use lapack95. 

To link as dll, I used Intel® Math Kernel Library Link Line Advisor and according to that, calling: 

 mkl_blas95_lp64.lib mkl_lapack95_lp64.lib mkl_intel_lp64_dll.lib mkl_core_dll.lib mkl_intel_thread_dll.lib 

internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/expr.c", line 3653

Trying to evaluate Intel Compiler 15, but I can't get it to compile our C++11 code base. I've worked around some other problems (both compile find with g++-4.8 and clang++-3.5), but I having a harder time working around this one... Is this a known issue? The evaluation process is very difficult. Its unclear from the emails where or how to get support? With 30 days, it will take me 30 days to workaround just getting our code to compile... argh!

PMU resource(s) currently being used by another profiling tool or process



I would please your help with the following. We are using intel vtune on a cluster. I submit two different jobs that collect hardware counters  on two different nodes/boxes on our cluster. The first job runs okay, the second fails with the error   "Error: PMU resource(s) currently being used by another profiling tool or process." Now thse are two difffrened nodes on the cluster so I could not think why hardware counters cannot be used at the same time for two different jobs.

example code of Direct Sparse Solver (DSS) Interface gives wrong result


 I am trying to use DSS routine to solver linear equation with a sparse matrix. I found the example code under the intel compiler directory named

dss_sym_f90.f90 and compiled it as ifort dss_sym_f90.f90 -o test-dss -mkl. The code solves a 5*5 linear equation and produces a wrong solution as

"Solution Array:   -326.333   983.000   163.417   398.000    61.500"  

Intel Software Manager crashes

I'm using Parallel Studio 2015 on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine. It worked fine for about one month, then the ISM crashed during an update. When I try to open it I get now:

Intel(R) Software Manager startup error. Please see /tmp/intel.ism.XXX.error.log for details.

The file mentioned above only contains:


/bin/bash: line 1:   793 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /opt/intel/ism/bin/intel64/ismcore 2> /tmp/intel.ism.XXX.error.log 1>&2

Thanks for all help!

VTune installation problem

HI, when I'm installing VTune 2013 update 17, at the last step, an error log appeared shown below:

Warning:  no sep3_15 driver was found loaded in the kernel.
Checking for PMU arbitration service (PAX) ... not detected.
Attempting to start PAX service ...
Executing: insmod ./pax/pax-x32_64-3.13.0-32-genericsmp.ko
insmod: error inserting './pax/pax-x32_64-3.13.0-32-genericsmp.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module

Error:  pax driver failed to load!

MP3 & AAC decoding, and advantages of IPP 8


I own IPP 6 for Windows & Mac and use it for signal processing extensively. Now I need to provide MP3 and AAC decoding (potentially other formats, but these are the important ones). I found there is "UMC" - is this the solution to look for? Does it work on both Windows and Mac, both 32 bit and 64bit? It's not a problem to upgrade to IPP 8 if needed (that's the newest version). 

Why isn't it included in IPP itself and rather part of some kind of examples? How to compile it effectively? It looks like lots of separate projects.

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