Installing MPSS


I Recently obtained a xeon-phi and I have been trying to install it. I have centos 6.5. I followed the instruction and installed the mpss service using yum install MPSS. After installing, i do lsmod | grep mic and I can see the mic. Furthermore, I can see xeon phi in lspci -vv


ABI compatibility between updates of the Intel C++ compiler

On linux, the intel C++ compiler libraries (eg. don't use soname versioning to indicate ABI compatibility. When intel issues a major upgrade or patch upgrade, are these libraries ABI compatible? eg. if I built a shared library with icc14.0.0, will it still work if I link to the from icc 14.0.2? (I presume yes) If I build a shared library with icc13 will it work with the from icc14? (I presume no)

why Program running time is this?

The serial program and the parallel program running time is like the attachment,the parallel total time is less than the serial total time ,but the amplifier shows Parallel module run more time than the serial module ,for example,in the serial program,the second spend time module is propagate::reflect_particles is consume 318.938s,but the parallel the same module reflect_part consume 527.269.Why appear this? What the time show in the amplifier in the parallel program?

issue with MPI communication with two MIC cards and xeon processor


I am running a MPI application (involving 5 ranks) which runs smoothly when all ranks are on Xeon processor but when i put two ranks on MIC0 and MIC1 there is following issue and the program just hangs and gives me segmentation fault.


using (blocking MPI send and non blocking MPI recv)

rank0, rank1 on MIC0,MIC1

rank2,rank3,rank4 on xeon


rank1-->sends 100 packets and reaches finalize() 

rank2-->only receives 60 packets and then hangs

some things i tried:-

Use of -headerpad_max_install_names for OS X

Is it possible to work into the Makefiles for OS X to include -headerpad_max_install_names as a linker command? This would allow end developers to change the "install_name" of the libraries to their installation location. This saves having to add in environment variables such as "DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH" because the end developer can set path to what they want. Just to be clear just by adding the linker argument gives the end developer the option of changing the "install_name" if they want, the actual "install_name" is still set to just the name of the library.

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