Cant find threaded libs in the default download of Ipp 8.1

I have downloaded IPP 8.1 version from the website.  It stalls well and I can see all the single threaded libraries and dlls.  I wanted to know how can I get the threaded libraries and dlls ?  I don't see any "Threaded" folder where the libraries and dlls can be found as per the documentation.  I know that these are deprecated, but I still want to acquire them. 

Please let me know where can I find the threaded versions of the libs and dlls for IPP 8.1.  Thanks!

GFlops on MIC

Hello Intel,

I wrote "a kind of" meta compiler to generate SIMD code on multi platform (x86, power, PHI, etc ...). I will present my work in the ISC 2014 in june. I am preparing the Super Computing conference, where I would like present to result on the Phi platform I have an issue.

I am trying to calculate the GFLOP/s of my application, a first approach will be to count the number of operations and divide by the elapsed time, as usually done for dgemm benchmark. Unfortunately I have thousands of lines ...

performance issue of operating on overlap area between two arrays

Hi, My application program needs a lot of operators (copy/accumulate...) on two arrays' overlap. In most cases, the overlap area is not very large. A typical size is 100x100*2.  I have made a simple benchmark for these functions in the attached file.

Unfortunately, I found the performance on MIC is much poor than Xeon CPU. For all three cases, one OpenMP thread is the best. 

Offload: 0.026 seconds

Native: 0.018 seconds

CPU: 0.0009 seconds 

Any suggestion on improving performance on MIC. Can we achieve better performance on MIC than that on CPU?

no call stack information #2


I am running i7 Haswell architecture and I don't see "call stack information" in analysis as I had for Core2 in VTune.

Am I doing something wrong, or this architecture simply doesn't support this in hardware counters?

My config: Win 8.1 x64, project c++0x x64, ICC 14 SP1 update 2, VTune the latest to date.

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