PARDISO consistent crash for INCORE RUN

Hi, I am trying to solve several big 3d solid FE models with PARDISO 11.2

Although the out-of-core run is successful I am consistently getting segmentation fault errors for the in core runs.

This also happens with pardiso_64 and cpardiso when only 1 mpi process is used

With more than 1 mpi processes the run is successful.

The error is reproducible and occurs for almost all big models which I have tried.



Dell Precision T5810 and Xeon Phi 3120A

Dear all,

Could someone please tell me if this machine is compatible with this model of Xeon Phi?

We bought a workstation based on this list:

Once installed the card does not appear in lspci nor in BIOS.

Thanks in advance!


Using MKL to generate random data on Xion Phi


I try to use MKL to generate lots of random data every time on Xeon phi, but the performance is very bad comparing the performance on Xeon CPU.(E5620) .

The attachment is the original code, and the compile option for Xeon Phi is -O3  -mkl -mmic. and it takes about 115 seconds, however when I run it on Xeon CPU,it only takes 3.5 seconds. I do not know why the difference is so much. Is the way in which I use the Xeon Phi  wrong or the real  performance on Xeon Phi is bad? 

Thank you!



not vectorizing for no reason

Hi all,

I have isolated a small section of a loop in my code to vectorize and test for other kinds of optimization a well(like alignment etc)

Here is the actual code.

WORK1(:,:,kk) =  KAPPA_THIC(:,:,kbt,k,bid)  * SLX(:,:,kk,kbt,k,bid) * dz(k)

The optrpt says this 

LOOP BEGIN at loop.F90(91,13)
   remark #15541: outer loop was not auto-vectorized: consider using SIMD directive
   remark #25436: completely unrolled by 8

Are there any instructions in k1om can replace lfence instruction in x86_64

I'm compiling Supersonic, an opensource database of google on Intel Phi using icc with option -mmic

but I find some lfence in the source code, but it seems that Phi doesn't support lfence instruction, so I want to replace lfence by some other instructions in Phi.

Is it practicable? for example,

Windows XE 2015:"Accurate CPU time detection was disabled. Trace session is already in use"

I am using Amplifier XE 2015 on Windows 7 and trying to profile 4xMPI processes running on my local machine. I get 3x of the above messages when running 4 MPI processes. Is that expected? That is it seems that XE is having problems profiling multiple MPI processes at the same time.

mpiexec -n 4 amplxe-cl -result-dir my_result_ah -collect hotspots -- <my_exe.exe>

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