Memory requirement of SVD drivers

I tried dgedd routines from

My matrix is 100K by 30K, about 24 GB in size. I am using MKL 11.3 on a windows server with about 300 GB memory. The routines failed with error message "Not enough memory to allocate work array".

On my desktop with 32 GB memory I am able to perform SVD of 100K by 13K matrix. In my case work array size should scales quadratically with number of colomns, so going from 13K to 30K should be possible.

Get the Power Consumption Info When Running a Program


When I run a program using offload mode, I want to collect the information of power consumption of the MIC. Is there any way to do that?

I found that I can use the micsmc to get the Total Power info in the command line/GUI interface.( Could I add a function from any libraries inside a program to collect the power consumption when use offload mode?

Installing VTune on a VM

I am trying to get VTune installed in a virtual environ. Specifically, an Amazon EC2 instance running ubuntu. I understand not all hardware counters are exposed, so functionality may be limited (Per Thomas Wilham's response). But all I need to get is a system wide hotspot (which process->function takes most time). I tried to install the drivers and have the following error throw up.



sudo ./insmod-sep3 -r -g users

ERROR: XEN dom0 is not supported ... exiting.

grep: /proc/xen/capabilities: No such file or directory

modifying the pardiso solver's sparse factorization

I am attempting to implement this algorithm for efficiently computing the solution to a sparse linear system of equations when small changes are made to the input matrix A by updating only the matrix L in the LDLT factorization of A.  However, from what I have seen there is no documentation about accessing L and D in the pardiso solver.  Ideally, my code would look roughly like this:

1. run solver on matrix A with phase 13

Hot spot analysis of MPI applications

Hi There,

I am using Intel's VTune Amplifier XE 2016 integrated in Visual Studio 2015 to do hotspot analysis. Can anybody tell me how to analyse an MPI application?

What I did is as follows.

In the "Application"  field of the Amplifier Project Properties, add "C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\mpi\\intel64\bin\mpiexec.exe"

in the "Application parameters" field of the Amplifier Project Properties, add "-n 4 C:\Users\wang.j\VS2015\C30\C30\x64\Release\C30.exe"

Remote procedure call, license of code call to scif library

We have developed a low latency, remote procedure call (rpc) Framework  for Xeon <--> Xeon Phi based on SCIF, which is very successful for our applications.  We think it could be helpful for other Intel Xeon Phi  users.  We would like to share the code to communities as open-source project. However we does not know if  there are any problem with Intel's license, copyright or copyright infringement, which we believe do not. Would you please help us? Thanks, Minh

bug in ZGETRF thread spawning?

A week ago I noticed that my code is running at about 50% of the expected speed, and upon closer inspection I found that ZGETRF spawns significantly more threads than intended when called inside a nested region, I can't for sure say whether this is what gives me about half the performance I would expect, but something is definitely off. 

Error: [Instrumentation Engine]: Failed to allocate Injector


I am new to this forum and Intel software.

I encountered some problems with Intel Advisor XE (2016 update 2) while I am using it for my program written in Fortran. I use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Since 2 months ago, I have no problem in analyzing with Advisor XE until yesterday. My machine is x64 and I compiled in 64bit as well. Windows 7 professional 64 bit.

The error shows once I start 'Survey Target'. The error message is as below:

MAC OSX Removing SSH dropdown entries

Under the Analysis Target tab (for a Launch Application process) the SSH field will auto-populate with entries that you have used in the past.

I want to remove these entries.

Where are these values being stored on on an OSX installation so I can remove the entries or file?

Image of the SSH dropdown is attached.

Hot spots

Hi There,

I am using Vtune Amplifier to find hotspots in my F90 code, in Visual Studio 2005 and Windows 7 environments.  The top 4 hot spots are 





These functions/subroutines are definitely not in my code. My questions are

1)Why they are listed there when I can do nothing to improve my code (or I am wrong, see Q3 below)?

2)How can I find out where (in my code) they are called?

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