Graphics Performance Analyzers

Probably data corruption


Executive summary.

Stability issue (probably) related to data corruption. (App and services hang)

Apps suddenly disappears and still missing after factory reset.

Tablet stops booting after few days of normal usage. (stuck with Intel logo right after Android boot animation)

Re-flash always fixes every issue until next instability.

We think there is a data corruption problem behind every issue, possibly caused by BIOS or eMMC Firmware bug or Kernel bug.

Technical information

Tablets' specs are:

Application Performance Profiling – When to use Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers and Intel® VTune Amplifier

Since both VTune Amplifier and GPA profile the performance of applications, the questions often arises – “Which one do I use in my situation?” The answer to this question leads to better understanding the differences between the two tools. The simple answer is, if it’s a graphics application, start with Graphics Performance Analyzer and then move to VTune Amplifier if your application ends up being CPU bound. If your application is not a graphics application, start with VTune Amplifier’s basic hotspot analysis. Below is a general decision chart to use when profiling a given application for performance.
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  • Frame analyzer: Different result on device, and when analyzing, how?

    I'm trying to find a problem in our android integration using the Frame Analyzer.

    The problem is a specific mesh not showing on screen when it is supposed to.

    The weird thing is though, if I capture the frame with Frame Analyzer, and play it back, the mesh is visible and everything looks like it should!

    Frame Analyzer - can't handle retina screen on OSX + multiple screen problem on OSX


    I just tried the Frame Analyzer that came with the INDE sdk for android dev.

    The analyzing part seems to work fine, but unfortunately there are issues with the resolution.

    If I run it on my laptop screen (set at "more space" in display settings) the analyzer only shows on about 1/3 of the screen.

    If I try run it on my external screen (a normal 1920x1080 screen) it only shows on 1/4 of the screen

    It starts up covering the full screen, but as soon as I switch spaces back and forth, it shows on only part of the screen.

    DirectX 9, vertex shader constants

    I am looking at a series of ergs which set vertex shader constants, and I am not sure if GPA is displaying vertex shader constants correctly. For example, in the video below I am looking at 3 ergs in which the constant c7 is set to 0 in the Vertex Shader Constants tab though there is no SetVertexShaderConstantF that modifies that register. Am I missing something?

    Intel HAXM 1.1.1 Generating CPU Parity Errors?


    I just installed Android Studio and Intel HAXM 1.1.1 two days ago to start learning Android development. Since then, I've been seeing WHEA-Logger events in my Windows System Log every time I have HAXM actively running an emulated Android device. Is this a bug? Known error? Uncharted waters never seen before...?

    Intel GPA Issue

    I was trying to analyse Deus Ex: Human Revolution using the Intel GPA 2015 application. When I ran it through the GPA, the .exe file was not recorded into the GPA analyser.

    In-application, there is no HUD indicating GPA was running.

    Furthermore, there was a file in place of files like .gpa_frame and .gpa_trace.

    Instead, I got this file: DXHRDC_2015_09_20__23_17_06_719.gpa_trace-bad

    I tested this with a few other games. I got this in return:

    - BioShockInfinite_2015_09_24__11_11_19_418.gpa_trace-bad

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