How to get MDK?

Newbie just getting started.

I'm trying to get the MDK from the FAQ on this page: <>

Step 4 says "Download Intel® System Studio.  This toolset helps you analyze your Android apps from Java to assembly code and CPU States."

That link gets me to an error page saying to contact support.

在采用 TouchScript 的 Unity* 3D 中实施手势序列

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By Lynn Thompson

当配置触摸目标控制一个场景中的其他元素时,应最大限度地减少控制元素所占的屏幕空间。 这样,您可以将更多超极本™ 设备的可视屏幕区域用于显示视觉活动,更少用于用户交互。 实现它的一种方法是,让触摸目标能够处理多手势组合,从而无需在屏幕上设置更多触摸目标。 比如,使用连续点击图形用户界面 (GUI) widget 来触发炮楼旋转并开火,而非使用专门的 GUI widget 开火并使用另一个 widget 旋转炮楼(或 Unity* 3D 场景中的其他资产)。

本文将介绍如何配置使用触摸目标的场景来控制第一人称控制器 (FPC)。 首先,为基本的 FPC 位置和旋转配置触摸目标;然后,将其扩大为附加功能。 附件功能可通过现有的 GUI widget 来实现,且不需要增加几何。 生成的场景将展示 Windows* 8 上运行的 Unity 3D 能够处理不同序列中使用的多手势。

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  • Fastboot support for Linux on Dell Venue 8

    Hi, can you supply a fastboot binary that works with dell venue tablets? adb works just fine, lsusb even list the tablet in fastboot mode, but the fastboot binary does nothing, of course it can find and communicate with all my other androids via fastboot. Windows fastboot.exe has no problems communicating with the tablet.

    Desenvolvendo Jogos 3D para Windows* 8 com C++ e Microsoft DirectX*

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    Por Bruno Sonnino

    O desenvolvimento de jogos é um tópico sempre quente: todos gostam de jogar jogos, e eles estão entre os mais vendidos em qualquer lista. Mas, quando você fala em desenvolver um bom jogo, performance sempre é um requisito. Ninguém gosta de jogar jogos com paradas ou falhas, mesmo nos dispositivos mais baratos.

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  • How to grab the OpenGL context created by Android's GLSurfaceView?

    Hello Intel engineers and fellow Intel developers (and Maxim Shevtsov specifically):

    I've always liked the high-quality and hands-on tutorials/application notes written by Intel engineers. Now I am trying to follow the excellent article, OpenCL and OpenGL Interoperability Tutorial, by Maxim Shevtsov, and would like to ask a question.

    How to build a dictionary android app

    Guys, am new to android, i have never written any program in android but i want to do one. how do i start.

    Am interested in doing  a dictionary app for my native language (Swahili; a local language in Tanzania) but i don't kno how to start it up.

    i want the app to function like any other dictionary app but in Swahili (i mean words and their meanings should in Swahili).

    am good with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and a little of java.

    help me, people.


    Troubles with HAXM Installation Workaround Patch


    Sorry to bring this problem back, you probably heard it to many times, but I am simply not able to figure out how to make hexm work on my computer.

    After the error "Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver" I followed the instructions for the workaround given in the link below.

    Build error when use IPP libs in NDK.

    Test code is copy from "Building Android* NDK applications with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)" :

    1. And install the IPP for windows,

    2. copy the include folder to my project.   jni/ipp/include

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