Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta

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  • 在 Android* 商务应用中实施地图和地理围栏特性


    本案例研究讨论了如何将地图和地理定位特性构建到 Android* 商务应用中,包括在 Google Maps* 上覆盖商店位置,以及在设备进入商店地理围栏邻近区域时借助地理围栏通知用户。

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  • Implementing Map and Geofence Features in Android* Business Apps


    This case study discusses building map and geolocation features into an Android* business app, which includes overlaying store locations on Google Maps*, using geofence to notify the user when the device enters the store proximities.

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  • Android* business app
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  • Location Data Logger Design and Implementation, Part 7: The accuracy circle user control

    This is part 7 of a series of blog posts on the design and implementation of the location-aware Windows* Store app "Location Data Logger". Download the source code to Location Data Logger here.

    IDF2013 - Arrived in San Francisco!

    Just a quick note to say that I arrived this morning in San Francisco to participate in IDF 2013! I find it all very exciting... I am speaking on the tomorrow afternoon on Intel Platform technologies and the cloud, going to use as an example of how anyone can leverage Intel technologies to make cloud services better. Information about my session:

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