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Windows* Store App Features and Differentiators

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Windows* Store App Features and Differentiators [PDF 740KB]


This article highlights the key features of Microsoft Windows* 8 operating system. It provides a summary of the differentiating features of Windows Store apps running on Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors. One objective of this article is to serve as an introductory reference for application developers new to Windows 8.

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  • How to Throw a UIElement Across the Screen Using C# in Windows 8 Style Apps

    Last year, I wrote a blog about creating your own simple collision detection code.  I implemented this for a children's math game I created.  You can refer to my blog here:

    OpenCL Developers Kit 2013 Now Available with support for OpenCL 1.2 and future 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor


    If you’re working on a cutting-edge visual computing application, download the new release the Intel® Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL Applications 2013 to realize efficiency, performance and power savings.  The new SDK includes certified OpenCL 1.2 support on 3rd and future 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors running Microsoft Windows* 7 and 8 operating systems.

    Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps

    Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps use a new technique that allows a developer to generate real-time adaptively sampled shadow representations for transmittance through volumetric media.  This new data structure and technique allows for generation of dynamic, self-shadowed volumetric media in realtime rendering engines using today’s DirectX 11 hardware.

    优化联网待机状态下WINDOWS 8 应用程序

    这篇白皮书介绍了如何测试和分析软件在Windows待机连接状态下的行为。同时还介绍了如何发现待机连接状态下影响电量的根本原因以及如何优化。这篇白皮书旨在面向 ISVs, OEMs, 和其他技术相关人士。
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  • Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Week 2 Ultimate Coder Challenge

    Good morning and thanks for popping in to our cozy little corner of the blogosphere, it's week two of the Ultimate Coder: Going Perceptual Challenge and I'm here to give you the low-down on what we've been up to!

    I've just made a warm pot of tea and have managed to find a single perfectly formed biscuit in the tin (Rob's brutish foraging has left most of them in pieces, what a crime!) but I've got what I need to get comfortable and reveal all…

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