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MPSS 3.5.1 and Scientific Linux 7.1


I have MPSS 3.5.1 and I would like to install it on Scientific Linux 7.1.

Scientific Linux 7.1 - is based on RHE 7.1 and has the same kernel: Linux ys03 3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Mar 9 16:14:50 CDT 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Unfortunatelly  I didn't find any ofed modules in main package for this kernel:

Xeon Phi - Error in installation

When installing the mpss-3.5.1 on CentOS 7 (kernel 3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64), I got an error when issue " micctrl --initdefaults" as below:

[Error] micrasrelmond: [Parse] START_WITH_SECURITY=false invalid config parameter

[Warning] micrasrelmond: Generating compatibility network config file /opt/intel/mic/filesystem/micrasrelmond/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-mic0 for IDB.

monitoring MIC with micmgmt API

I am trying to develop a dstat plugin to monitor the MIC usage. To do this I would like to use the python binding to micmgmt but I am not sure to understand exactly what is returned by the API.

Could someone explain how I can use the value returned by mic_get_idle_sum() to get the percentage of total idle time for example ?
I suppose I have to transform it with the total number of thread and probably with  mic_get_jiffy_counter() or may be mic_get_tick_count() ?




Fortran module containing interfaces only - offload programming

What is the way to write a Fortran source file that contains only one module and that only has interface declarations to routines that are callable as either host or offload.

I tried:

module foo
    subroutine foobar
    !dir$ attributes offload : mic ::foobar
    end subroutine foobar
  end interface
end module foo

When I subsequently USE foo elsewhere, I found I must still add:

!dir$ attributes offload : mic :: foobar

In the routine that performs the call

I'm back DPD200361383

I am building a Fortran .DLL that contains offloads to MIC.

In the project there is a module containing interfaces to non-exported subroutines and functions. mod_interfaces.f90 defining module mod_interfaces, with interfaces only.

One of the examples are

    subroutine games_check(crames)
    !DIR$ ATTRIBUTES OFFLOAD : mic :: games_check
        use dyn_array_crames
        implicit none
        type(CRAMES_t) :: crames
    end subroutine games_check

That is in the interface file. The source file containing the subroutine has:

Memory retention on Xeon Phi in OpenMP 4.0


some time ago, memory retention between offloads on Xeon Phi in OpenMP 4.0 was supported only within a lexically structured scope  ( )

Have things changed as of Parallel Studio 2015? Can we offload data from one function and re-use from another?



Memoria de gran ancho de banda (HBM): ¿cómo beneficiará a las aplicaciones?


El primer paso hacia la conveniencia de usar la MCDRAM o la memoria de gran ancho de banda (High Bandwidth Memory, HBM) es evaluar el uso de ancho de banda de memoria de la aplicación.

En este artículo se brindan instrucciones básicas sobre perfilar y evaluar la utilización de ancho de banda de memoria de una aplicación mediante el uso de Intel® Vtune™ Amplifier en procesadores Intel® Xeon® (IvyBridge/Haswell) y coprocesadores Intel® Xeon Phi™ (Knights Corner).

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  • 31S1P: BSOD or Device Connection Lost

    31S1P: BSOD or Device Connection Lost


    There are some kind of instabilities with my Xeon Phi 31s1p. With or WITHOUT(!) a job on the coprocessor there are events like

    june 16 2015 21:02:31: Warning: mic0: Device connection lost!
    june 16 2015 21:03:47: Information: mic0: Device connection restored


    With an OpenCL job the situation gets worse: it may loose connection or raise blue screen of death :) IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL in some MPSS dll (I will take a screenshot later).

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