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something wrong with the offload out?

when I us offload like this

#pragma offload target(mic:0)           \
        L2 = tv.tv_sec*1000*1000 + tv.tv_usec;


        L2couple = tv.tv_sec*1000*1000 + tv.tv_usec;

there will be an error report below:

offload error: process on the device 0 was terminated by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

and sometime the error report will be another different one

A weird linker error with _mm512_storenr_ps intrinsic in offload mode

Hi guys, I am facing a weird linker error with _mm512_storenr_ps() intrinsic in offload mode programming. I post this issue here and hope that someone could give the advice. 

I have implemented successfully a Xeon Phi program in native mode and then changed to offload mode. 

There are 3 files and the code is summarized like this

file main.cpp

#include myfunction.h

void main()


// CPU code


What is the correct way to load the Library Path?


I have some code which I compiled like this on my host:
$ ifort -openmp -mmic -o test.phi test.f90 -O4

I copied it up to the mic and tried to run

mic0$ ./test.phi
./test.phi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Oh! I read about this in the docuentation, the library path is missing. Simple fix, right? I NFS mount the /opt/intel up to the mic so it should go smoothly.
mic0$ source /opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.2.164/bin/ intel64

Check out the Parallel Universe e-publication

The Parallel Universe is a quarterly publication devoted to exploring inroads and innovations in the field of software development, from high performance computing to threading hybrid applications.

Issue #20 - Cover story: From Knights Corner to Knights Landing: Prepare for the Next Generation of Intel® Xeon Phi™ Technology, by James Reinders, Director of Parallel Programming Evangelism, Intel

Hey i would like to view the version of MPSS installed in my machine. I ran the following command...

Hey i would like to view the version of MPSS installed in my machine. I ran the following command 

# /opt/intel/mic/bin/micinfo

However, My output says MPSS Version: Not Available . I am able to start and stop the mpss stack by the following commands, and hence i am sure MPSS is installed. 

$ sudo service mpss start/stop

I have attached the screenshot of my output for /opt/mic/bin/micinfo for your reference. Kindly suggest on how i can find the version. 

unable to compile program

use omp_lib
program openmp_mic
 !dir$ offload begin target (mic)  
     !$omp parallel 
      print *,'The number of threads is ',threadcount
      print *,'hello from thread no ',omp_get_num_thread(),'of',threadcount
     !$omp end parallel
 !dir$ end offload
end program openmp_mic

Here is my sample program

i got the following error on compilation.

icc openmp_mic.f90

error #6785: This name does not match the unit name.   [OPENMP_MIC]

end program openmp_mic

Xeon Phi - can' t offload an unordered_map

I'm trying to run my code parallel in both CPU and MIC. When I run only the CPU code, everything is fine, but when I try to offload a few variables, I can't even compile my program. Here is the code:

*My error message is:

            error: no operator "!" matches these operands
            operand types are: ! std::unordered_map<int, int, std::hash<int>, std::equal_to<int>, std::allocator<std::pair<const int, int>>>
          if (!rep[0])

std::unordered_map<int, int> repetido;

Viable configuration for a home lab - 8 31S1P on 4 slot pcie 3.0 motherboard?

 Building my basement laboratory for math, machine learning, parallel programming, kagglng...

Is it electrically possible to mount 2 cards per PCIE 3.0 x16 slot with daughter boards and extenders on a motherboard.

At 300 watts per card tdp  it would likely take - 3 1000 watt power supplies BUT can we get enough power to the individual MIC's in this kind of configuration?

Being able to spend on compute cards rather than infiniband switches/cards and platforms seems like a better way to spend the allowance my wife lets me keep if possible.



Intel MPSS on Ubuntu and Mellanox OFED 2.3


We recently installed a PHI on a Dell R720 server running Ubuntu 14.04 with Mellanox OFED 2.3

From at section 2.3, there is instructions to install Mellanox OFED 2.1 to support host IB adapter. I am running Mellanox OFED 2.3.1 and can't take it down to 2.1. The question is: Is it possible to work with Mellanox OFED 2.3.1 on the PHI?

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