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Use Intel Performance Libraries on 64-Bit Architecture


Implement code form Intel® Performance Libraries to optimize code associated with hotspots for the 64-bit Intel® architecture. Intel has developed highly optimized standardized routines for both the Pentium® processor family and the Intel® Itanium® processor family. To the extent that an application can use these routines, performance optimization will be greater, whether running on 32-bit or 64-bit processors.

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  • Resolve Cache Misses on 64-Bit Intel Architecture


    Resolve cache misses that cause a significant number of stall cycles. These occur when data is not in the desired cache and data retrieval requires access to a slower cache, memory, or disk.


    Prefetch the data in advance to ensure availability, or implement a more localized data use. This can mean any of the following:

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  • Guide Compilers to Optimize Inner Loops for 64-Bit Intel Architecture


    Guide the compiler to perform the proper amount of optimization on an inner loop. One of the quickest ways to find an inner loop in an assembly language listing is to look for sections of code with heavy use of instruction predication, often on almost every functional line. When register rotation is used, predicates control almost all the action. This example has a very small inner loop, but two of its three instructions are predicated:

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  • CPUID for x64 Platforms and Microsoft Visual Studio* .NET 2005

    When targeting x64 platforms in Visual Studio .NET* 2005, programmers are no longer able to use inline assembly code as they did for 32-bit code. This forces the programmer to either rely on C/C++ code using intrinsics, or to tediously create a 64-bit MASM (.asm) version of the function. Unfortunately, the VS .Net 2005 implementation of the intrinsic for CPUID (__cpuid) recognizes only input arguments in the register eax, and not the more recently defined inputs in ecx, which are required for queries regarding cache parameters and certain multi-core characteristics.

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