What is Intel® Software Manager?

Intel® Software Manager installs with Intel® Software Development Products on Windows*, Linux*, and OS X* operating systems. Intel® Software Manager requires an Internet connection to connect to a remote server for information and updates.

Intel® Software Manager is a utility that allows users to:

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    This tool is for faculty and educators who want to understand the energy consumption and performance qualities of their programs and applications. Use the Intel® Software Tester Suite to understand key energy use concepts and experiment with some sample code. The Intel® Software Tester Suite consists of the Intel® Energy Efficient Performance Tester and a customized API that your application can use to expose performance metrics.

    Cordova API Support

    The Intel® XDK is a tool to help build HTML5 apps and deploy them across a variety of platforms. Two of those platforms are the Apple* Appstore and Google* Play. The XDK includes an online build service called the App Dev Center that allows HTML5 developers to create hybrid native apps. The App Dev Center takes the HTML5 code written for the app and wraps it in native code and returns the appropriate binary. One feature of the App Dev Center is the ability to add a "bridge" JavaScript* API to access the native features of these devices.

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