Developing with HTML5 for POEM


As applications expand into the mobile phones’ and devices’ market, languages, runtimes and technologies have been developed to complement this shift from stationary platforms to portable and dynamic form factors. One of these runtime technologies is Adobe* Integrated Runtime (AIR*) software, which was used to develop the original POEM application described below.

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  • Using Regular Expressions with the Intel® MPI Library Automatic Tuner

    The Intel® MPI Library includes an Automatic Tuner program, called mpitune.  You can use mpitune to find optimal settings for both a cluster and for a specific application.  In order to tune a specific application (or to use a benchmark other than the default for a cluster-specific tuning), mpitune needs a way to determine the performance from a run of the application.  By default, the runtime of the application will be used.  But depending on the application, this could be inaccurate.  You might want only the time for a specific portion of the application, or you might want a different mea

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  • Why is Cilk™ Plus not speeding up my program? (Part 2)

    This article concludes the discussion of common performance pitfalls in Cilk™ Plus programs and how to avoid them, as started in Part 1. .
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  • The Legends of San Guousha by Hangzhou Bianfeng Networking Tech Ltd

    The rich history of ancient China has inspired generations of Chinese with tales of rulers, epic battles and heroes. With the Legends of San Guousha app on Ultrabook™ devices, players delve into the entertaining mythology and history of China, in what has been one of the most popular games in China for the PC.

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  • Windows* Store App Notifications with Live Tiles and Badges

    By Miao Wei and Nathan Totura


    Windows* Store App Notifications with Live Tiles and Badges [PDF 345KB]


    This article discusses how to add live tiles and badges to your Windows Store apps. Live tiles are used to present rich content from your apps even when they are not the active application. Badges similarly give your app yet another way to convey data to the user by allowing status overlaid on the live tile.

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  • Enhancing User Experiences with Intel® Wireless Display

    With more than 40 million computing devices shipped to date that support Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi) technology,1,2 the industry is taking notice. Solution providers can easily add user experiences based on this technology to their product roadmaps, with great potential to generate customer excitement.

    Download complete Case Study below:

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  • Отладка в ОС Android* на процессоре Intel® Atom™ с помощью JTAG


    Для системных интеграторов и производителей устройств важно взаимодействие с драйверами устройств и системным ПО. Это особенно важно, если нужно реализовать поддержку какого-либо дополнительного устройства или осуществить портирование без потери производительности.

    В следующих главах мы рассмотрим решения для отладки на основе стандарта IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG). Мы обратим внимание на архитектурные различия между ARM* и Intel®, способные повлиять на отладку на уровне системы.

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