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std::priority_queue performance slower than VC10


I've noticed that when I compile my project with ICL12 beta, the performance of thestandard library std::priority_queue class is degraded by20% on averagecompared to theVC10 compiler. It depends mainly on the data inserted, but sometimes it's as much as 70% slower.

With the test case attached, I get the following numbers:

> icl priorityqueue.cpp /O2 /EHsc

std::priority_queue average time taken:3.50583 seconds.

> cl priorityqueue.cpp /O2 /EHsc

std::priority_queue average time taken: 2.86942 seconds.

RSADecrypt regression in Composer beta


One of my unit tests detected that RSADecrypt is returning ippStsOutOfRangeErr when using the 7.0beta library. It works without problems with IPP 6.1.

RSAEncryptseems tobeworking fine since the encrypted data is the same as in 6.1, so it must be a problem in RSADecrypt.

I'm using the static dispatch libraries, and tested both px (standard) and p8 (SSE4.1) versions.

I'vemade a test case,attached.


Two issues in cilk

1. I can'tuse cilk_spawn to call a function, which has a return value. Thus, I used cilk_for instead, see below example code - function Cilk_For_Pi()

2. I tried cilk_spawn to get returnvalueinfunction's parameter, see below example code -function Cilk_Spawn_Pi().

Both methods have correct result, butperformance of case 2) is worse than serial code.(I work on T61, WinXP,Composer 2011 beta build 0.16)

Regards, Peter

Example code - (you can remove VTune and Advisor code, if you can't build up them)

Ipp cuatom dll in debug mode

While upgrading an IPP custom DLL as part of the Beta processin VStudio 2005, I've got an error stating 'LNK1103: debug info corrupted for module xxxxxxx' (This is a translation as I get the message in spanish).

It seems that the problem is caused for some ipp modules being compiled with VStudio 2008 and that a patch (VS80sp1-KB949009-X86-INTL.exe) is available.

I've installed the patch and it seems to work, but this patch seems to be provisional and Microsoft states that it shouldn't be used unless strictly necessary.

Calling Cilk functions

Hi all,

Looking through the new "Cilk language extensions" document for the new compiler, I don't see any sections dealing with cilk linkage vs. non-cilk linkage (except the brief mention in S 8.1). I assume this means the compiler figures out all the relevant info and that recursive calls between cilk & normal C++ functions is OK?

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