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Unable to generate vectorized loops


I'm using Parallel Studio with Visual Studio Pro 2008.
Parallel Studio includes the C++ Compiler 11.1.061. It seems to be unable to generate VECTORIZED (!= PARALLELIZED) loops. Compiler says that /Qunroll is not supported ! (it doesn't say it is an unknown command)

If I install the C++ Compiler 11.1.072 over Parallel Studio it does automatically, but it breaks a little bit the integration of Parallel Studio in VS and I could not debug threads anymore.

Is it possible to analize the module without main function?

I'm creating plug-ins software and/or dll software.
They do not have main function because they are loaded by host application and run.
Is it possilbe to analize this kind of software by using amplifier and/or inspector?
I tried to use Inspector, but it failed to start analysis by the following error.

Cannot start analysis.
File "...." is not an executable binary.

Please somebody give me some advise.

Best Regards,

Unable to start program c:windows_ system32_ cmd.exe

My System is installed dualOSVista(C:\ Drive) and XP(D:Drive).
Intel Parallel Studio installed XP System on D: Drive
step-1.Create test C++ Project
step-2.setting to use intel project
step-3 program build=> success
step-4 try to excute program with Menu Debug=>Start without debugging(Ctrl+F5)
I got error messages "Unable to start program c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe"

project set to use visual C++ and program build ==> prgram excute is OK!!

Intel Paralle Studio version is "Intel Parallel Composer (Package ID: composer.061)"

Amplifier crashes VS2008

Hi everyone,

I am trying to profile a fortran application with Amplifier. When I run it, I get a windows message saying:


Windows - No Disk
Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 7c7df5f8 9ca8bcf8 7c7df5f8 7c7df5f8
Cancel Try Again Continue

And the email body the error generates looks like:

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