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Compiler driver / backend version mismatch

Dear all,

I have de following error:

Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 9.0 Build 20050430Z Package ID: l_fc_p_9.0.021
Copyright (C) 1985-2005 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Compiler driver / backend version mismatch: unset != 900
Be sure compiler driver and backend programs are in the same directory.

But I just have one fortran compiler. I have the Intel C Compiler too and I don't know which could be the problem.

Thanks you very much


-zero not working in l_fce_pc_8.1.023


I have problems with compiling my program with -zero. I have some uninitialized integers, and thought that compiling with -zero should initialize them to zero. At least it is working in a 32bit environment, but as soon as I switch to the 64bit environment, I got wrong results out of my program. Of course I could initialize all my integers.....but I would like to know if the -zero is really not working in the 64bit environment.

Any experiences?

automatic array stack size limit bug

Fortran users,

The problem in ifort 8.0, now inherited in ifort 9.0, that puts a severe limit on automatic array sizes should be considered a bug by Intel. Steve Lionel, with all due respect, keeps suggesting that we abstain from using large automatic arrays in favor of allocatable arrays, or that we increase the stack size.

Transplan to Linux

Hi all,

I have some problems in transplant my code from windows to linux:

1. code such as

How to change it in linux system?

2. code such as

use ifwin
hFile = CreateFile("temp.txt"C, GENERIC_WRITE,&
ret = SetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE, hFile)
ret=CloseHandle (hFile)
ret=DeleteFile ("temp.txt"C)

How to change the code?

Zhanghong Tang

Help: different results from Intel Fortran V8 and v9

I'm running abig program on Linux machine. The result from code compiled by Intel Fortran v8 is different fromthat compiled byIntel Fortran v9.I use the smae options when compiling.
Can anyone have some suggestions for this problem?Is there anydifference related to precision of numbers between v8 and v9?

problems with cshift

I'm having a problem using chsift that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

the following code works,
a(:, i:j) = chsift(a(:, i:j), shift = (/x, x, x/), dim =1)

but if i replace the shift with an array with value x and size 3 it goes out of bounds according to the results of compiling with -CB

what stupid thing am I doing wrong?


Option "--sort-section" passed by Ifort can not work fine with ld

To any Intel employee,

Ifort compiler (9.0) passes (in my x86-64 platform, RHEL4-update2 system) to linker ld (2.15.92) a serie of implicit parameters. Some of them can not be understood by ld (see an example in the last reply (last lines) of section: Can ifort 9.0 work with ld linker of Red Hat Enterprise 4????).

Specificaly, the parameters are:

"--sort-section " and I believe "name" (???)

fpp problem (ifort 9.0.27)

Dear all,
I've got a strange problem in preprocessing. The (over-)simplified code reads:

program pippo
#if defined PIPPO
print*, 'PIPPO'
#elif defined PLUTO
print*, 'PLUTO'
#elif defined TOPOLINO
print*, 'TOPOLINO'
print*, 'CIAO'
end program pippo

If I do:
ifort -fpp -DPIPPO -DTOPOLINO pippo.f90; ./a.out

it prints 'PIPPO' and 'CIAO' which should not be the case,
if I understand correctly.

No such file or directory

I know this may sound stupid but i got a problem =)
You may heard this a thousand times but here i go again:

I downloaded and installed succesfully ( in Default dir ):
| Download Intel Math Kernel Libraries for engineering, | scientific & financial applications___version 8.0.1

Everything was going great till I tried to compile a Fortran program and i had trouble but managed to compile it succesfully after half an hour!

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