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Adjusting Axis ranges

I have been trying to figure out how to control the ranges of the X and Y axis,but I have been unable to find agood example that shows my the proper code syntax needed. I know thatfavSetAxisAutoScale needs to be called and set tofalse, but I cannot get the correct syntax for any of the other commands.Can someonepost some example code. I haven't been able to find anything useful in the samples that came with CVF. Thanks


Tried to uninstall IVF 8 preparatory to installing a new version. Yes, everything's in the same partition. Get Unhandled Exception, error 0x80004005 in setup during the uninstall. And now I can't install a new(er) version. No, PreUninstallIfort.exe didn't change anything.

Is there a brute force regedit way of removing IVF 8 from the registry?

Spreadsheets in QuickWin Dialogs

Hi there,
I want to implement a spreadsheet in a QuickWin Dialog. In a list box only onecolumn can be stored.
Aftera whileI found an ActiveX control "Microsoft Office Spreadsheet 10.0 Object" but I dont know how to fill in data in a spreadsheet. I dont even see it in the dialog. Has anybody experience with spreadsheets in QuickWin?


Progress bar in a DLL, step-by-step

I am trying to implement a progress bar inside a Fortran DLL (CVF 6.6C3). The DLL is called from a VB6 dialog. I have tried to use Jugoslavs ThreadDlg, have tried to use the sample DLLPRGRS, have read almost all relevant topics in this forum and in on-line help, but I have been more and more confused:
- Jugoslavs example is called from a console;
- DLLPRGRS creates a main dialog and then calls the progress bar. This example uses WinMain function and calls DlgInit;

Viewing multidimensional arrays using Intel debugger


I am having problems viewing a multidimensial array using the Intel debugger.
I am using Intel fortran compiler 8.0integrated into .NET.
While I am able to view statically allocated arrays, the debugger says "Invalid Debug Information" for dynamically allocated arrays of dimension 3 or more.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?


Debugging Fortran applications on Intel platforms running Windows

Hi, I'm Gordon, the Debugger Consultant for Intel's Software Products Division. I'm responsible for enabling and promoting effective debugging on Intel platforms in general, and with the Intel Debugger in particular.

My current focus is on creating a repository of Best Known Methods for debugging serial, thread parallel and cluster parallel applications.

I'd like to get a feel for how the community at large approaches application debugging. I'm curious to know things like:

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