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Accessing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) from FORTRAN?


Is it possible to access Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) directly from an Intel Fortran console application?

I have been coding Fortran and C applications for some years, includinginter-language calls, but unfortunately I am finding myself to be a complete novicein the realm of Windows programming!

PrintScreen for CVF Console Application

I'm presently updating some older DOS Fortran programs which use assembly code to initiate a printout of the text output via interrupt 5. As I understand, this no longer works under Win2000. Is there a method using CVF 6.6 to perform a printscreen in a Fortran console application? The printscreen must be initiated and controlled by the program.

Thanks for any contributions

Debug Assetion failed

i get the following message at the end of a program run.
Debug Assertion failed
For more information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the visual C++ documentation on asserts
i dont have any clue on what to do or where to search for VC++ documentation, which i dont have, can anybody help me in this regard.

Ps: is it related to memory allocation in any way?
thanks in advance


Sorry - not a Fortran subject, but I am puzzled. This is almost the only web site I visitthat does not with Firefox.

Anyone know the cause?

Is there some setting I can modify to make it work?

Getting to like Firefox with its tabbed pages and 3 button support.


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