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allocatable Components of derived types

i wrote the following code to check if i can use allocatable components in derived types.

When i run the program end try to change the initial values of A(Type(Region_2D))they remain unchanged.

What is wrong???

P.S. When i use allocatable arrays of type Real, as a Derived type Component There 's nothing wrong.

module Analytic_Geometry_Types


unusual INCLUDE hierarchy

I'm having trouble getting Dev Studio to use the INCLUDE files I want. Here is a simplified example to show the problem.

I have source code and include files in two directories /d1 and /d2. There are 2 slightly different copies of an INCLUDE file 'parms.f77' in both directories. In this project, the version of 'parms.f77' in /d1 is never supposed to be used; even by source routines in /d1: the copy in /d2 is always used.

paths for source files in project'folder

I'musingvisual fortran 6.6 c on windows 2000
I'm writing a script to backup up my fortran sourcefiles in a project. When a sorce file (*,f90,*.for,..)is not in the project's folder i dont know where i could found this information. I open the text files in the project (*.mak and *.dsp)and i found all the sources names, but not the paths.
Thanks in advance

Program crash at the end of function

I have a console program that consists of a loop which processes files. Each file is processed the same way. The program goes through the loop once, just fine. On the second pass with the second file it quits in the middle of the loop. In release mode there is no error--it just stops. In debug mode I have tracked it to the end of one function. The processing in thefunction appears to proceed just fine, but at the very end when it is returning I get a pointer exception. The function is an integer function, basically returning an error value.

using module in dll

I defined a module in main program and then I want to use the module in dll.
And then I want to return the calulated results in dll to main program.
The following code does not work, please let me know how to do that.
please correct the following code workable.

The following is the code in DLL file.
subroutine test
use input
integer i, j
do i = 1, 5
do j = 1, 5
arr(i, j) = i + j
end subroutine

Accessing IMSL in Visual Studio .NET Using IVF Pro

I must be missing something simple. I got my first dll accessing IMSL to work in Visual Studio .NET but I had to give it the full paths to IMSL include folders and linker libs. What's the right way?

Also, there was an error when uninstalling IVF to install the new package ID. I'm attaching a Word document showing the error.


Strange behavior - reminiscent of F66?

I am experiencing a strange problem - my program has started behaving as though it is using Fortran 66 DO loops (executes once regardless) without any provocation.

I went to make some minor modifications to a program using a long-standing workspace set-up that has not been (consciously) changed in a long time. Here is the sequence of events:

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