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Problem with IFCOM (ConvertStringtoBstr)

Mycode usesConvertStringtoBstr, based on some sample code supplied with CVF for interaction with Excel spreadsheets; worked perfectly in CVF, with interfacein DFCOM.

In IVF, (the interface to) this function resides inIFCOM. However, the linker flags this call as:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _IFCOM_mp_CONVERTSTRINGTOBSTR@8

Is this a problem with IFCOM, or is this function to be accessed via an interface in some other module?

Paul Curtis

Should I change my code writing for IVF8.1?

Hi all,

I have just downloaded the IVF8.1 standard version. I tested my former code with the new version (which can't get a correct result in IVF8.0). Unfortunately, The problems still can't be solved. For example, it can't display the correct value of some kind of variables (showing in the figure below); its pointer still can't point to correct object, and so on. Should I change my code which runs correctly in CVF6.6?

Zhanghong Tang

Building DLL, how to export .LIB?

I am in the early stages of converting a large multimodule Win32 program from CVF to IVF (just downloaded 8.1).

One of the solution projects is a DLL containing dialog resources & definitions. The compiler creates the .DLL output just fine, but never creates the companion .LIB output file. (This worked perfectly in CVF/DevStudio).

In VS, the project Properties->Linker->Advanced has the correct entry for the import library filename to be created. What else needs to be done in order for the output .LIB file to actually be created?

TIA, Paul Curtis

Fortran 8.1 professional

I dowloaded from Intel's premier website the latest fortran compiler update. I currently have the 8.0 professional version. However, after I ran the installation program, an html page came up with the title"Intel Visual Fortran 8.1 Standard Edition, for Windows".

Should I install this with my pro version? Or is intel going to provide a Fortran Pro Edition upgrade too?


David Halpern

sizing Dialog box


I have created a dialog box using the following code,

retlog = DlgModal(DLG)
call DlgUninit(DLG)

How would you change the size of the dialog box?

Because if I run it, when the display is set to 1600x1200 it fits in the window. But I change the window display to 800x600 the dialog box is bigger.


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