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Mismatch between source code and debugging process


I am using Visual Fortran 8.1 with .NET
My program is composed of modules that contains either full fortran 95 files
or full fortran 77 files.
Ex 1, file.f90 :

include "*.f90"

Ex 2, file.F :

include "*.f"

I compile and link my program properly without any problem. The execution is also performed properly.

Need help building c calling fortran dll

I have compaq visual fortran and MS Visual Studio C/C++ 6.0. I am trying to build (in 1 project within the IDE) a dll where c code calls fortran objects. So far, I have been able to build a separate fortran dll and include this dll in the c project and get it to work. I would now like to place all of the files in one project.

Basically, I began a project as a c dll. Got the thing to build with all of the fortran code stubbed out. I then added the fortran code and no matter what I do, I now get the errror "Error spawning df.exe"

Size of binaries

What's up with the binaries (executables) produced by IVF8.1?

When I compare a compilation of exactly the same source files produced used VC6.0+CVF6.6 with those output from VC7.1+IVF8.1.030, I get the following result in my "sample" Windows EXE file:

Debug build (non-optimized):
CVF - 5033 KB
IVF - 8288 KB

Release build (with optimization):
CVF - 1584 KB
IVF - 6152 KB

Anonying crashes during debug

I am using Microsoft Develop Studio Enterprise version 2003, together with very latest IVF 8.1.30. From time to time, when I started to debug, the studio crashes, I have to restart the studio. Without changing anything, I might be lucky to get into the debug. Such luck may need take some patient tries. Can not figure out what's wrong. Such problems has been haunting me since I moved to IVF.

Uninstall problem

I'am trying to install the latest Fortran Version (w_fc_pc_8.1.030)
I have to uninstall the previous version first
During unistall process I get an error message :
Error 1316. A network error occured while attempting to read the file c:windowsinstallerIntel Fortran Compiler 8.1 msi
Now I'am stuck
I cannot update since I cannot install the old version
Can INTEL maybe provide once a CEAN-tool to clean the old version off ?
Any ideas how to proceed ??

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