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common block alignment

I am getting a lot of common block alignment messages when compiling: : Warning: Because of COMMON, the alignment of object is inconsistent with its type [IUNOU]

Is this OK or do I need to fix all of these ? A little bit slower memory access is OK with me for right now.


fortran common block addresses

Why are the addresses of the fortran common blocks so high ? The common block that I am looking at has a address of 0x104e41c0.

I allocate memory in c code using malloc and then pass it back to the calling subroutine (in fortran) relative to the common block. On every other system, the common blocks are loaded low and the allocated memory is high. Here my allocated memory has a address of 0x00c72e20. So, the address offset is negative which does not work !

Is there a way to force the common blocks to load low in memory ?

Lynn McGuire

Read MAC Address

Can anybody tell me how to read the network-cards mac address?

I know there is a way in the win32 api, but i didnt find the function netbios translated for visual fortran.
also i tried to call the dll directly but i could not get it working

thank you everybody in advance

sort list view control? LVM_SORTITEMS Message? MSDN GUIDE?

lResult = SendMessage((HWND) hWndControl, (UINT) LVM_SORTITEMS, (WPARAM) wParam, (LPARAM) lParam);
lParamSort: Application-defined value that is passed to the comparison function.
pfnCompare: Pointer to the application-defined comparison function. The comparison function is called during the sort operation each time the relative order of two list items needs to be compared.

convert C return statement to Fortran?

How do I translate a C return to a Fortran return in a a case statement? return CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW; -> FORTRAN CODE???

C Code is as follows:
switch(LOWORD(wParam)) {
case IDC_LIST:
if(pnm->hdr.hwndFrom == hCon &&pnm->hdr.code == NM_CUSTOMDRAW) {

MS VC 2003 / Intel 8.1 linker messages

I am getting the following messages when I link my fortran DLL with a C static library:

LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib 'LIBCD' conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library
LINK : warning LNK4098: defaultlib 'MSVCRT' conflicts with use of other libs; use /NODEFAULTLIB:library
chemtran_dll build succeeded.

What do these error messages mean and do I need to fix something ?


problem with pointers


I'm making my first attempt at using pointers and it's not going well. I'm trying to get a text string from a list view using the following:

type (T_LVITEM)item
iret = SendMessage(hWndList,LVM_GETITEM,1,loc(item))

So far so good, item%psztext contains a value which I understand is:

Address of a null-terminated string containing the item text ....

catching a WM_CLOSE Win32 message

Dear experts, I am faced with a problem where a fortran command line application, when running on a CONDOR cluster of WinXP machines must kill itself on receiving a WM_CLOSE Win32 message from CONDOR.
Quote from a condor mailing list

Condor will send a WM_CLOSE Win32 message to your app - if your
app wants, it can catch that message and do whatever it wants to shut itself

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