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migration from Lahey to CVF

ok..second message of the day from me and hopefully some of you clever people will be able to help me... I am trying to migrate from lahey lf90 to CVF... my research group uses a fortran DLL called by a Visual Basic 6 main program
In Lahey the first few lines of the code were :

subroutine pcprime2(vi_ilsd,vi_icanswer,&




Windows 2000 compatibility problem

I have a Win32 program developed with CVF 6.6 on a Windows XP platform. The GUI consists of 5 list views all of which have had some degree of procedure subclassing implemented. Everything runs as intended on Windows XP machines.

When the same program is run on a Windows 2000 machine, two of the list views do not allow the user to make any selections, i.e., clicking a row with the mouse produces no effect. The other list views work correctly. The listviews are all created with the same or very similar styles and extended styles, e.g.,

fortran dll from VB and msdos "debugging"window

Hi there, my research group has traditionally been working with lahey f90 fortran compiler, which in my humble opinion is the worst compiler I had the misfortune to work with, but it had a "nifty" feature (at least for our purpose).
During compilation of the fortran dll I could specify a -win flag, whichallowed meto use print statements in the fortran code, for example to print values of certain variables on a msdos screen in the backgroundduring the execution of the DLL from the visual basic main part of the program. This made much simpler our debugging process.

Adding background color to Comboboxes in Quickwin Applications


replacing the library DFLOGM with the XFLOGM-File from Mr. Dujic is an easy way to add color to the following:

  • text edit box (not rich edit)
  • Scroll bars
  • Buttons

I tried to extend the method to give background color to the edit-part in Dropdown Combo-Boxes which failed.Is it possible to do this? By the way, how can I get the latest version of this file?

Any help would be appreciated.


Can I draw a pattern in a dialog box?

With much help from Jugoslav (thankyou) I have developed a fancy dialog box that enables users to select colours from a predefined set, plus hatch patterns, to be used for creating geographical maps. The choice of hatch patterns is indicated by bitmaps displayed on pushbuttons and the chosen colour is indicated by a static control that's coloured in on the fly.

Fortran Mex Problem...

Hello NG,

I've build a simple fortran mex function that creates a modal
dialog. This dialog just asks for an input (a number, a string, whatever) and then the user has again the control when he clicks on OK/Cancel button. I managed to compile it (in Matlab, with MEX)without errors/warnings with the command:

mex -v miomes.f90

(At the end of the message I will put my f90 mex subroutine).

Everything goes fine (I have Matlab 6.0 + Digital Visual Fortran 6.0, Win2000). But when I tried to run it, I get a segmentation violation.

Use RAN function, can't get it to work

I've just started using the Compaq program, previously I've been using Absoft on a Apple for my work.

Part of my program contains a RAN comand, which is a function not allowed as a actual argument. On the Absoft program I used you simply had to load a VAX/VMS library, which was a tick box as you went through the build process. I can't seem to see anything that looks like this with this program. How do I get it working?

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