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Const data Globally Declared in 'c' is getting allocated in DATA REGION but not in the RODATA region. Any Solutions?

Hi Team,

I have written two test cases, example1.c and example2.c




const char buf[11]="HelloWorld";

int foo(int value){
     return (value + 1);

Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello all,

I have Intel Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 and have been using this compiler on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine without any problems. Now for a new machine, which has Ubuntu 14.04 on it, I want to install the Parallel Studio. However I cannot succeded because the installation prompts that the OS is an unsupported one.

How can I use Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.04.


Building Boost 1.59 with Intel C++ Compiler 15.0 in Centos 7

I am trying to build Boost 1.59 with Intel C++ Compiler 15.0 in Centos 7. I am using the below command.

./ --without-libraries=mpi,python
./b2 toolset=intel-15.0 address-model=64 cxxflags="-std=c++11" --layout=versioned link=static variant=debug,release

I got the below error in building Boost.Log. Could you please help? I tried to compile with GCC 4.8 and it works. Is it a bug in Intel C++ Compiler?

using icpc, what is the best way to optimize the following code with AVX option?

I have a for loop to identify min and max of a float array. Here is my implementation:

for (int i = 0; i < counter; i++) {

     imin = intervals[i] < imin ? intervals[i] : imin;

     imax = intervals[i] > imax ? intervals[i] : imax;


What is the best way to optimize the code here? I am using -xAVX option and I am running the program in single thread mode. How does this compare to using std::minmax_element? 

Should I write some manual AVX code?


Using class exported from third party VC++ DLL


is it safe to use a class exported from third party VC++ DLL?

I use Intel C++ with Visual Studio integration, so every C++ project is compiled with Intal C++ compiler.

I will use some 3rd party library, which comes without source code - only headers and builds for specific Microsoft VC++ compiler. This library contains classes which are exported with _declspec(dllexport). Is it safe to use those classes with Intel C++ compiler under Visual Studio? Of course the binary dll which I use was built with the same Version of VC++ which I use with Intel C++.

Running "Shark" machine learning library on Xeon Phi


I am using Shark ( for NN simulation. After installing it, I managed to compile and run a simple NN using icpc and openmp on 12 cores on my system. Now, I am trying to compile and run it on Xeon Phi. This is the command line that I used:

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