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Does option -cxxlib-icc work in version 9?

Thecommand "icpc -no-gcc -cxxlib-icc pointer.cpp -o pointer" gives the following output:

icpc: Command line warning: ignoring option '-c'; no argument required
Produced exe has links on gcc libraries. How I can avoid dependencies on gcc libraries?

OS: RedHatAS 4.0 64bit
Compiler: Intel C++ compiler for Linux v.9.0.027
GCC libs: 3.4.4-2


linker memory leak ?

ICC v9 for Windows, running from Visual Studio 2003, WinXP.

compiles ok, but linking takes minutes

mcpcom.exe just allocates about 700k each second, until it gets to well over 500Meg, and then i have to cancel it.

Only happens in release build, debug build is quick (on par with msvc linker).

Looks exactly like a memory leak in mcpcom.exe

I have 'Whole Program Optimz" turned off, (as i know in msvc that adds about 500% to build time).

Intel's equivalnce of g++'s -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG

Hi, can the Intel c++ compile do something similar to the D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG flag in g++ ? One of the features I need from this flag is allow range checking even when using [] on vector.

For example

vector < int > a , a.push_back(1);

so if I access a[1] , which is out of range, normal compiled program will not checked it as it uses [] but g++'s D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG compiled program will check it. (Yes I am well aware of .at() but it's slow)

Error: expected an expression


I'm trying to compile Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) with icc 9.0 but I get the following error:


/usr/local/src/InsightToolkit-2.2.0/Utilities/vxl/vcl/vcl_cmath.h(64): error: expected an expression

#if !VCL_COMPLEX_POW_WORKS &&amp("mark error ^ here"); !defined


Intel V9.0 C++ - Slow as a wet week

Hi all,
Is it just me or have other people noticed that the V9.0.25 C++ compiler is as slow as anything when it comes to compiling code? I've downloaded the Open Scene Graph, and am attempting to compile it. I've got the V9 compiler runnig from within the MS VC++ V6 environment. I set the dev environment to use the MS compiler and do a batch build of the files - the first project takes approximately 3 minutes to build.

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